You’re going to market your business. Obviously. Marketing is key to growth and profits. The question is, do you hire someone in-house or do you outsource your marketing to a team of experts? Weighing Your Options: The Cost of an In-House Marketer At first glance you may assume an in-house marketer is the ‘most affordable’… Continue Reading >

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Are you using Google+ for your business, but aren’t sure how you can utilize it to successfully generate more traffic and grow your Google+ community? We’ve got some great tips to help you make the most out of your professional Google+ experience! How Google+ Works Unlike other social networking sites, Google+ uses both a social… Continue Reading >

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The advent of smaller, more powerful mobile devices has drastically changed the way people communicate, but did you know that it has also drastically changed the way that people shop? If you are relying solely on a traditional website to attract Internet shoppers, you are missing out on a potential goldmine for your business. Mobile… Continue Reading >

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My father-in-law is one of the thriftiest people I know.  Price is the only factor that crosses his mind.  If you asked him, he’d say he was a value conscious person.  On the flip-side, one of my closest friends refuses to buy a work shirt or coat unless the name “L.L. Bean” or “Columbia” is… Continue Reading >

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There are three CMS platforms that have become popular over the past several years. They are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. There are many others, but these three account for the majority of sites that use a platform-based CMS. At Artonic, we believe a flexible, sustainable, and cost-effective foundation is the best way to approach a… Continue Reading >

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Mobile site design has exploded over the last year, and it’s no wonder why.  With millions of cell phone users in the US alone, more and more people are accessing the web via their smartphones and tablets than ever before.  This mobile surge has been met with two types of mobile site designs:  Responsive Design… Continue Reading >

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A new trend in web design is Modern UI (Modern User Interface).  Modern UI emphasizes typography over graphics.   It is a simple, elegant, and clean design trend that makes use of tiles.  Examples of this are seen in Microsoft’s designs for phones and Windows 8. I sat down with Artonic owner, Matt Harper, and asked… Continue Reading >

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Yelp Reviews:  Are they really unbiased? Do you use Yelp as a resource when looking for advice on restaurants, handymen, or other professional service providers?  You may want to look elsewhere if you seek unbiased reviews. Yelp Extortion The review site, Yelp, has received a lot of negative press lately, concerning unethical business practices, concerning… Continue Reading >

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When working on new client projects, we are often asked what is the wireframing stage of planning and development. Here is a post from Site9 founder and CTO Andrew Mottaz to explain a bit better why this stage is so important. His team developed ProtoShare, the wireframing and prototyping software we use when wireframing your… Continue Reading >

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At Artonic, your Michigan Web Design company, we closely follow all trends relating to web design.  Parallax scrolling (PS) is a web design trend that’s definitely worth looking into! What is Parallax Scrolling? Nike Better World was one of the first sites to start the parallax scrolling trend in web design.  This trend has taken… Continue Reading >

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