Brand Identity

Get noticed and be remembered. To compete at a professional level, your business must have a clear, consistent, and compelling brand. Conquer your industry with a high-impact logo and theme that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Why invest in branding?

  • Increases consumer confidence in your products or services
  • Increases consumer loyalty
  • Differentiats your company from the competition
  • Increases repeat business
  • Ensures consistency amongst different marketing media
  • Builds the value of your business
  • Creates a higher perceived value to your consumers

Why hire a professional?

Professionals who have studied effective branding can create the right brand for you from the beginning. One of the worst things you can do is pay an amature $100 for a logo design, that you then use for your $5,000 sign. Getting your brand right from the beginning can save you thousands of dollars later on.

Don't assume that what you like is what the masses will respond to. When you hire Artonic to develop your logo and brand, we do it without personal attachment. Our focus is solely on positioning you in a strong and confident image to your target audience. Often times, when you live and breathe your business, it's hard to have an outside perspective.

You're not a professional graphic artist. The small investment made for a quality logo and brand will return many times over compared to doing it yourself in Microsoft Publisher, PowerPoint, or Paint. Don't cut yourself short on the most important aspect of your business. Hire a creative team that can bring the right balance of simplicity, color, shape, and style to your brand. Hire a professional with experience and a portfolio to show for it. Hire Artonic.

Elements of an Artonic designed logo

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Meaningful Colors
  • Timeless
  • Industry Appropriate
  • Appropriate Font
  • Custom Design
  • Horizontal and Vertical Options
  • Black and White Version
  • Dark and Light Background Options
  • Licensed Font
  • Image Portion Easily Sketched
  • No Gradients
  • Limited Use of Colors
  • Distinguishable Small or Large
  • Created in Vector Format
  • No Licensing Contract
  • Proper Use of Negative Space
  • Minimalistic Approach
  • Rendered and Flat Versions
  • Flexible For Any Use
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