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Which CMS Should I Use For My Website?

There are three CMS platforms that have become popular over the past several years. They are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. There are many others, but these three account for the majority of sites that use a platform-based CMS.

At Artonic, we believe a flexible, sustainable, and cost-effective foundation is the best way to approach a new website project. So which major CMS platform encompasses this? None of them. This means throwing the CMS platforms out the window and instead, integrating a Hosted CMS solution.

We custom design every website we build, so why would we use the same code and platform for each one? When you are handed an Artonic-built website, every aspect of the code has been custom developed around your design and layout to maximize flexibility for growth and maintenance, and it includes only the necessary code to make your unique website fast and agile.

The benefits of Hosted CMS as compared to Platform CMS are listed below.


Hosted CMS
When you use our Hosted CMS, there is a nominal annual service charge, which includes free updates to the CMS whenever they are released.
Platform CMS
Updates to a Platform CMS are cost prohibitive and may create unforeseen problems.  As a result, many users wait for the next major security update to perform the update.  There is always an unknown cost of maint


Hosted CMS
A Hosted CMS doesn’t include any 3rd extensions.  The website may contain 3rd extensions, but none of them have anything to do with the CMS.  Separating special functionality from the CMS keeps your website secure and sustainable.  There are plenty of 3rd party extensions available that do not require the use of a platform-based CMS.
Platform CMS
One of the main reasons to use a Platform CMS is to utilize free or low-cost modules to perform specific functionality.  But problems can arise when a new version of the platform is no longer supported by the module made by a 3rd party.  These types of problems creep up and cost time and money to address.

Cost/Major Revisions/Security

Hosted CMS
It doesn’t matter if we release minor or major updates to our Hosted CMS; they will never affect your website.  Also, there are no additional costs for making these updates.  You will never receive unexpected costs for maintenance or updates.
Platform CMS
If your website is built on a Platform CMS, it will require a major upgrade within 1-3 years to keep it secure.  When major versions are released, often times, foundational elements of the platform change so drastically that it can make it impossible to upgrade without completely rebuilding the site on the new version of the platform.  This is a cost that most organizations aren’t prepared for.


Hosted CMS
When your Hosted CMS is updated, it is only to add new features.  There is never a CMS security issue that requires an update to your website. Since the CMS is hosted, and thus detached from your website, there is little to no opportunity for a hacker to attack your website via your CMS.
Platform CMS
When you update a Platform CMS, it is usually for security reasons.  Most web companies do not actively monitor client websites for security vulnerabilities, and therefore, leave them open for attack.  If an attack occurs, the damage and downtime may cost more than the repairs itself.  Platform CMS based websites are often targeted because one vulnerability in a specific version of the platform allows a hacker into thousands of websites.  Hackers likely won’t target your website specifically, but if given the opportunity to access it easily, they will.


Hosted CMS
Backups for a website that utilize a Hosted CMS are the same for a website that has no CMS at all.  The server just backs up the files, usually two or three hundred in all.
Platform CMS
A Platform CMS consists of thousands of files, and in many cases, tens of thousands of files.  Since the entire website is dependent on the database that powers the CMS, a problem with the database will bring down the entire website.


Hosted CMS
The best way to make sure your website loads quickly is to use as little code as possible.  When your website is custom built from the ground up, only the necessary components are included.
Platform CMS
A slower load time can result from every page, every image, and every function being called from the database or external files.  This results in higher server performance requirements to keep up with the overhead, and an overall heavier website.


Hosted CMS
It’s fast and easy to move your website for server upgrades, or for a new service provider, because your website consists of only a couple hundred files. There are no database dependencies or complex file structures to maintain.
Platform CMS
The website consists of over ten thousand files making it a slow and painful process to back up the entire website.   Additionally, a database has to be backed up, and later restored, adding more time and complexity to the process.


Hosted CMS
Should you ever decide to move your website to another web company, moving a Hosted CMS website is as easy as coping files.  Since your website is built using a language supported by 80% of web programmers, you will have no trouble finding someone else to jump right in and take over.
Platform CMS
Transferring a website built on a major CMS can be difficult.  You have to find a developer that is familiar with the platform your website has been built on.  At best, less than 20% of web companies in the US specialize in the platform your website was built on, making it difficult to find a suitable new partner.


Hosted CMS
If you’re a visual person, Hosted CMS is the way to go.  You can see your website as it appears online, while you make your edits.  Just select the region you want to edit, make your changes, and save.  It is the easiest-to-use CMS available.
Platform CMS
None of the major Platform CMS options offer a visual edit option.  You are stuck editing your content in a box, unable to see it in the context of the complete website page.  Navigating through a Platform CMS entails a heavy learning curve to find page locations, meta information, and more.

This viewpoint is based on over 20 years of experience in the web industry by Artonic Founder, Matt Harper.  Matt has seen firsthand the problems that accompany various CMS platforms.  As a result, Artonic embraces Hosted CMS as a sustainable, affordable, and easy way for our clients to make updates to their website.

Let us show you first hand just how easy our CMS is to use.  For a free demonstration, please contact our office.  We will even provide you with a temporary demo link and login so you can really give our CMS a good workout before you commit to building a website with it.

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