Danielle is the Project Manager at Artonic, a Michigan Web Design agency. 

Email Me: danielle@artonicweb.com

What’s Your Role at Artonic?

At Artonic, my responsibility is Project Management – that’s my title. I oversee Artonic’s web design projects. I usually oversee all projects, from videography to design and everything in between, but we’re a strong team here. That means that I may share management responsibilities with other members of the team, especially if they’re stronger in a specific area than I am.


What’s Your Background?

I started working in digital marketing in 2005, a few years after I graduated from college. My first job included digital marketing, social media, advertising (both on AdWords and Amazon), content writing, and information architecture.

This was well before SEO (search engine optimization) was big. The first time I heard about SEO, I was very wary. I thought it was a scam!

I remember Facebook gaining a lot of momentum in those years. I remember the launch and meteoric rise of Pinterest. No one really took anything too seriously online back then. Things have changed drastically. In fact, I can’t believe it’s only been 13 years since I got into this industry.

Favorite Part About Working at Artonic?

I love writing website content and blogs. I also love creating website wireframes. Marketing is extremely fast paced, which is fun. I’ll always love managing projects and working with our clients. We have a huge amount of independence at Artonic; that’s an environment that I thrive in.

Our team is amazing. Everyone is valuable, knowledgeable, and talented. Our team gets along so well. It’s wonderful.

There isn’t much I don’t enjoy about my job, honestly. I love everything that I do – even the difficult things, like wireframing for 10 hours straight or sitting up all night to ensure a website launch goes well. It’s all so interesting. I’m never bored.

What’s Your Job at Artonic?

Everyone here works as part of a team. My responsibilities change with every project, but most of the time, I make sure the project stays on schedule and within budget.

I also navigate between everyone involved in the project – sales, marketing, design, development – to make sure we’re all on the same page. It gets crazy, but I like having several projects going all at once.

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With technology, the game always changes.

How Did You Become Interested In Project Management?

It’s important that everyone knows the latest project developments, so we can stay on track. Outside of that, I like hitting deadlines and coming in under budget.

What Is a Wireframe?

Before a website is built, we create a wireframe.

It’s just like a blueprint for a house. If the house were your website, the blueprint would be the wireframe.

A wireframe helps us determine where everything goes. It ensures everything makes sense. It’s a roadmap; without it, we’d be lost.

A wireframe is created pretty early in the website creation process. We create a wireframe from the content we write for your website. It’s all part of a process.

How Do You Market Artonic?

Artonic has a presence on Facebook and LinkedIn. We also keep our blog active. Recently, we added a video studio to our agency, so we’re doing a lot more videos.

There are a couple things to keep in mind when it comes to marketing. 1) It’s a team effort. Get everyone involved. Get photos, get videos, quotes, insights, from everyone. 2) Create content daily. Whatever you do, record it, and use it. 3) Know your brand identity. What is your message? How do you want to appear to your clients? Define your brand. And then keep re-defining it.

Any Advice for Business Owners Who Are Camera Shy?

My eleven year old daughter gave me the best advice on how to appear natural in videos on YouTube: Just be yourself and have fun. Don’t worry about it. It’s not a big deal.

She’s right. It’s not a big deal. We make it a big deal by thinking about it too much. In reality, people enjoy watching videos and viewing photos, so we need to create more videos and take more pictures. Stop thinking about how you look; be yourself and get on with your life.

Oh, and have fun!

How Would You Describe 2017 for Artonic?

A very diverse range of projects, including more mobile apps, more marketing, more advertising, and more print design. We had an insane amount of video and photography projects. It was a whirlwind.

What’s Coming Up for Artonic in 2018?

More videos and more photography! We were just shooting video for an Adrian manufacturing company a few days ago. The next day, we scheduled another video shoot and a photo shoot. That’s how it’s been lately. Everyone wants high-quality video and photography. Professional images are so important for today’s audience.

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