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WordPress Websites

This may shock you, but not everyone loves WordPress websites. In fact, a lot of IT techs, developers, and designers think WordPress websites are a less-than-ideal choice for serious businesses.

Why we Refuse to Build WordPress Websites

The Truth

There are several issues with WordPress of which you may not be aware. Many of the major issues with WordPress include:

Lack of Security

“Beyond page limitations and plugin functionality, the single greatest concern with WordPress is security.” (Why WordPress is Bad for Business by WTE Solutions)

“The answer to the question “is WordPress secure?” is it depends.” (5 Common WordPress Security Issues by ithemes)

“A recent investigation has concluded that 73% of the 40,000 most popular websites that use WordPress software are vulnerable to attack.” (How to avoid being one of the “73%” of WordPress sites vulnerable to attack by Naked Security by Sophos)

“Finding WordPress plugins that are secure and won’t endanger your site is an even harder task due to the complex nature of WordPress security and often massive plugins with thousands of lines of code.” (Hacked, dangerous & vulnerable WordPress plugins by firstsiteguide.com)

Poor SEO

“WordPress is not SEO friendly….The loading time of your pages is one of the factors in search engine ranking, and WordPress is one of the most memory-hogging platforms out there. The stock version is okay, but when you keep adding new plugins and themes, your database grows over time. When this happens, your site slows down.” (WordPress Is Not SEO Friendly! But Here’s How You Can Fix It by Shout Me Loud)

“Let’s face it, WordPress is in the business of WordPress, not the business of SEO.” (5 More WordPress SEO Enhancements You Wish You Had by Bruce Clay)

“It’s a sad fact, but the truth is many WordPress themes were created with zero understanding of SEO. Not only are they not structured properly to boost SEO rankings, sometimes they even hurt a site’s performance.” (Is Your WordPress Theme Killing your SEO? by SpotOn)

Cookie-Cutter Design

“Literally, some of these themes come with so many settings, I think it may actually be quicker to teach yourself to code than figure all the options out.” (Why Those “All in One” WordPress Themes Are Just the Worst by Englishby)

WordPress Templates are made for a one-size-fits-all model, and they are intended to satisfy as many customers as possible. However, that’s not a benefit to you and your business, it’s a quick buck for the template builder. (Don’t Buy a WordPress Template by TenthMuse Design)

High Maintenance

“To me it seems like a false economy, you may pay less money at the beginning but at the end of the day, issues that may arise from using open source websites may cost you continually throughout the life of the website, which may in due course lead you to invest more money in a bespoke website somewhere in the near future. Get it right first time and you won’t be disappointed!” – Keane Creative (Why you shouldn’t use WordPress for your business website!)

“While great as a CMS, wordpress really sucks as your forward facing production environment. After one week in production with our redesigned wordpress site, we had already racked up 8 hours of downtime due to database failures.” (Why WordPress Sucks, and what you can do about it by Los Techies)

“WordPress CMS is a very popular platform due to it’s simplicity and is a perfect solution for blogs and simple company websites. But if you want to develop a powerful, secure and functional web platform, look at the list of the WordPress pitfalls and think twice. Instead of spending extra time, money and your nerves on fixing the WordPress based-website, hire a professional team of developers who will surely create the website of your dreams.” – GBKSOFT (Why building Websites in WordPress is a bad idea?)

WordPress is for Blogs

Artonic builds website blogs on WordPress, because WordPress is a blog platform. This means WordPress was created for blogs, not websites. And especially not large, significant, or websites.

The Solution: Custom Web Design

What’s the solution? Create a custom website by using a professional team of designers and developers.

Stay Secure

Custom website development – truly custom development – doesn’t use WordPress to build on. Instead, custom development means that the code is created from scratch, specifically for your website.

Custom code lessens the risk to your website. Unlike WordPress, custom code doesn’t use plugins or vulnerable code snippets.

Be Unique

Custom website design doesn’t use a template to define its layout. Instead, a custom graphic design is created from a wireframe or prototype.


Custom development means a lot more control over your website. Developers optimize the speed and performance of your website and keep it running its best.

Start growing your business today

If you’re creating a website for your business, it’s important to get all the details right. Need help? That’s why Artonic is here – to support your goals and make your website a success.

Each website we build is completely custom. We do not use templates. (Find out why a custom website design matters). Every piece of your website is created specifically for YOU – your goals, your audience, your strategy, and your brand.

Find out what it’s like to work with an agency to create the website of your dreams. View videos and read case studies about stories from our clients.

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