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About the Project

Toledo-based RV dealership, RV Wholesale Superstore (RVWSS), was moderately successful when Artonic met the managers. But, with a cutthroat industry, moderately successful won’t cut it. They wanted to take their game to another level, and came to Artonic originally for marketing and advertising services.

We designed a fast, user-friendly e-commerce website that not only looks amazing but also functions at a high level. The clean design makes it easy for users to find exactly what they’re looking for!

This is only the beginning of our campaign, and we’ve already experienced amazing success: Read the RV Wholesale Superstore Case Study.

Project Scope

Custom E-Commerce Web Design (RV Dealership)

  • Custom Administrative Backend
  • Software Integration
  • Video Integration
  • Search Engine Optimized Content
RV Wholesale Superstore
RV Wholesale Superstore

Additional Details

During our campaigns, it was revealed that RVWSS’s website was an issue. The dealership’s website was functioning properly, but it was outdated in both design and development. These elements were costing the dealership sales that they should have closed, but didn’t. At this time, the managers chose to move forward with an e-commerce website redesign that supported its marketing and advertising campaigns. The result is a completely custom, modern, user-friendly website that looks gorgeous. More importantly, the entire design is created to bring traffic into the website, then convert those visitors into leads, and eventually customers.

Find out more about this campaign with the expanded case study: Read the Expanded RV Wholesale Superstore Case Study.


Beautiful photography was captured for RV Wholesale Superstore during an event at its Ohio dealership. The images are vibrant and authentic – they capture interactions between team members and customers. The photography will be used in RV Wholesales’ AdWords and marketing campaigns, as well as in print design and on the website.

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