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Chim ChereeCase Study

Logo Style Guide Vehicle Wrap Business Cards

Project Details

Chim Cheree is a well-established and successful chimney and fireplace service company, however, its brand and logo were sadly outdated. The owner trusted Artonic to create a brand identity for Chim Cheree, one that was modern, relevant, and reflective of the business.

Project Scope

Brand Identity Design, including:

  • Custom Logo Design
  • Custom Style Guide Creation
  • Custom Vehicle Wrap Design
  • Business Card Design & Printing
Chim Cheree


The new logo and brand for Chim Cheree needed to be very different from the logo the company used since the 1950s. The old logo was very dated, generic and did not reflect the dynamic, successful company. The new logo used a sophisticated font and vivid, contrasting colors to demand attention while staying true to its identity. A specific brick pattern – one actually used by the client – was used as the background to the “healthy” flame (notice the S shape and wider bottom on the flame).

Style Guide

The custom style guide was created to define and explain Chim Cheree’s brand identity. The guidelines promote clarity and consistency in all materials produced by and for the company. Chim Cheree’s style guide includes information about its logo (typography, color, pattern) and vehicle wrap style and use.

Vehicle Wrap

As a mobile business, Chim Cheree needed to wrap its vehicles with an eye-catching, branded design. The vehicle wrap design stays true to the new brand, clearly communicates the company’s purpose and contact information, and grabs viewers’ attention. This is an excellent way to advertise and promote the brand.

Business Cards

The business cards created for Chim Cheree make a statement. The design is consistent with the brand identity, and mirrors the look and feel of the style guide and vehicle wraps. The brick pattern was left out of the design, to create a very sleek, modern, high-end look for the cards. The resulting design is clean, clear, and beautiful.

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