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JoschemCase Study

Web Design Photography Video

Project Details

Joschem is a unique manufacturing company with an amazing product. To get the word out, Joschem worked with Artonic on an e-commerce website design that included custom photography and videography. The photos and videos were essential to the effectiveness of the website. Consumers request high-quality product photos and videos, so that they can feel confident in their purchase choices. Beautiful photography and videography also supports an engaging user experience, so users enjoy using the website.

Project Scope

Custom Web Design (E-Commerce)

  • Custom Content Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Photography
  • Custom Videography
  • Software Integration
  • Custom CMS
  • E-Commerce Integration


Professional photos were shot of the product being used in different applications. The photography also demonstrated how the product was used. These images are used throughout the website and in advertising and marketing campaigns.


The product video shot for Joschem’s website is an excellent example of an effective video. It introduces the viewer to the product, demonstrates the product’s use, and supplies contact information. The video is also enjoyable to watch and creates a fun experience for viewers due to its high quality.

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