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Patriot ProductsCase Study

Web Design Photography Logo Video

Project Details

A Michigan-based manufacturing company, Patriot Products, wanted a website that was modern, fun, and captured the true spirit of the brand. To do this, we created a new logo and custom illustration for Patriot Products. We also shot hours of video on location at their manufacturing plant. The video was used in the website banner to give a unique, active feel to the website. The result is a perfectly branded, professional web design.

Project Scope

Custom Web Design (Manufacturing)

  • Custom Content Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Photography
  • Custom CMS
Patriot Products


The photography project for Patriot Products, a Michigan manufacturing company, included onsite and offsite sessions, as well as website product images. 

Images were taken of employees on the job to document the care and detail poured into each manufactured piece. Isolated product images were also taken, as well as images of the products in use.

Logo Design

Direct and distinct, the logo for Patriot Products stands proud. Overlaid texture elements lend a timeworn feel, while the simple lines of the flag keep it up-to-date.

Two fonts are used; one, to enhance the historic, vintage aspect of the brand, and the other to emphasize the important, “Made in America” slogan. Traditional American colors of red, white, and blue further support the company’s brand patriotic message.

Paul Patriot Logo

To create the mascot for this all-American company, our designer met with the company’s owner several times, to discuss branding elements and project goals. What emerged was a historically-accurate embodiment of Patriot Products’s ideals.

A substantial flag billows in the breeze, drawing in the viewer and directing them to the central piece of this mascot: the welcoming face. Strong, classic reds and blues sing against neutral details, highlighting the carefully hand-drawn elements woven into this illustration.


Created to capture the attention of website visitors, the video for Patriot Products is engaging and visually beautiful.

Our videographer used a lot of low angles, panning, and slider-like shots to create constant movement, replicating the fast-paced environment of this Michigan manufacturing company.

The use of these angles effectively masked the size of Patriot Product's building and staff, creating the illusion that the company is larger than it is.

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