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Telecommunications Company

Online Quote Tool and API

In a competitive industry, strong User Experience (UX) and a website built to capture bottom-of-funnel leads give a much-needed edge. With this in mind, a telecommunications company offering internet, TV, and phone services enlisted Artonic's expertise to create a new, lead-friendly Premium Website. A key component of the new website was an interactive "Shop Services" Quote Tool that allows prospects to enter an address, create accurate, real-time quotes for available services and packages in their area, then put them in touch with a sales representative.

This required:

  • A custom backend that allows sales staff to keep service areas, offerings, pricing, and discounts up to date.
  • Business logic such as integration with third-party APIs for geocoding, as well as an algorithm for determining whether an address falls within a specified area.
  • A secure REST API for delivering data such as service offerings, packages, and discounts to the Quote Tool's web interface.
  • An AJAX-powered custom web interface that allows for smooth user interaction as prospects shop services.

Artonic's Information Architecture (IA) process outlined the database structure, API endpoints, architectural components and dependencies, and user flow. This not only provided the foundation for a cohesive, robust experience, but it also increased efficiency when it came to development. The end-result is a tool that helps streamline the sales process.

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