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Information Architecture

Make sense of a collection of information

The goal of Information Architecture (IA) is to organize information in a way that’s easy to understand. It is to make sense of a disorganized or large set of data, or to take organized information and reorganize it for another purpose.

Information might be reorganized for a variety of purposes, such as moving data from an internal-facing system to an external-facing system, adapting information to cater to a different audience, or collecting information from a variety of systems and merging them into one.

Information Architecture is also fundamental in crafting the best structure for a new set of information, such as for a web application or mobile app. Whether you’re building a website or a web application, information architecture is being utilized. The IA experts at Artonic are ready to organize and structure your information to make your company more efficient.

Information Architecture Crafted by Artonic

Telecommunications Company | Information Architecture

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Oscar W. Larson | Information Architecture

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