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Brand Identity

Develop a consistent brand that resonates with your audience

The creation of a successful brand begins by teasing out your story and the pieces that make you unique, compelling, innovative, valuable, exciting, and sharable. The result is a story and image that your target audience can understand and relate to.

A strong brand will create a higher perceived value for your products or services and is the foundation for your entire company's identity and image. Everything that follows will be based on your brand, including your company colors, website, logo, business cards, ad designs, and more. It is critical to get the brand right from the beginning.

Artonic's proprietary methodology for establishing a successful brand



Your story gives the rest of your brand its roots



Embrace the tone that will bring you the most success


Your brand culture should align with your target audience


Target Audience

Your target audience will guide brand direction


Your reputation depends on the promises you make & keep


Position yourself in the market to capitalize on opportunity



Your logo is the single most memorable part of your brand

Style Guide

An overview and guide for your staff and vendors to follow


A picture represents a million words. Make yours count

Print Materials

From your stationary to printed ads, print carries your brand



Make enforcement and compliance of your brand manageable and realistic to ensure all members of your organization are supporting the effort

How much does the creation of a Brand Identity cost?


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Brand Identities Developed by Artonic

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How Strong is Your Brand?

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Mike Gilmore

DIY Pole Barns

"Artonic has taken us to that next level. Our business really kind of exploded this year since we've had Artonic do our new website."

Sam Wegert

UpLevel Martial Arts

"Even on the back end, after the website’s created, they’ve done an amazing job of staying in touch with us, of helping us with anything that we need."

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