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Inbound & Automated Marketing

Nurture new and current customers to your next sale

As people become more sensitive to the old methodology of "interruption marketing," an Inbound Marketing strategy may make the most sense for your business. Inbound Marketing is a collection of value-based tactics that draw in potential customers to your website or landing page where they can “raise their hand” for more information. That’s when they become a lead and start down the sales funnel toward conversion.

One tactic you may be familiar with through your own experiences on the web is Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation uses software to trigger marketing messages, usually via email, to a person that takes an action on a website, such as downloading a helpful article. This takes the pressure off your sales team until the leads become more qualified. It may sound complicated, but the experts at Artonic can build you an automated marketing machine customized for your business, complete with training for your employees to manage and act on inbound leads.

Inbound Marketing Performs Best with a Holistic Approach

Content Creation

High-quality, engaging content to drive new traffic to your website

Search Optimization

SEO activities to move you up in the search engine results

Social Media

Earn trust through social media engagement and social proof

Email Marketing

Stay in front of your audience and capture every opportunity

Landing Pages

Landing pages with value make sure they continue down the sales funnel

Marketing Automation

Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time in the sales funnel

Lead Nurturing

Convert leads into sales through value-added content and remarketing

Attribution Reporting

Measure and understand the inbound funnel to drive overall strategy

How much does Inbound & Automated Marketing cost?


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Inbound Marketing Case Studies

Our inbound and automated marketing campaigns automate your lead generation and conversion efforts to produce repeatable and cost-effective sales.

Take a look at a couple of our inbound and automated marketing success stories:

RV Wholesale Superstore

280% higher clickthrough rate compared to industry average

View Case Study

DIY Pole Barns

Dramatic increase in sales within a matter of months required hiring more sales staff

View Case Study

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Comprehensive Marketing to Grow Your Business

The strongest results are achieved by engaging in multiple facets of digital marketing. In addition to inbound and automated marketing, Artonic’s experts can help your business with:

Search Engine Optimization

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Real results from real clients...

Mike Gilmore

DIY Pole Barns

"Artonic has taken us to that next level. Our business really kind of exploded this year since we've had Artonic do our new website."

Sam Wegert

UpLevel Martial Arts

"Even on the back end, after the website’s created, they’ve done an amazing job of staying in touch with us, of helping us with anything that we need."

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