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Custom Conference
Registration System

Web Application

Michigan Art Education Association (MAEA) holds an annual conference featuring numerous workshops, vendors, and events for their members and guests. This required a custom conference registration site that:

  • Integrates with their membership database
  • Includes a multi-step form for submitting session proposals
  • Allows secure payment processing
  • Is powered by a backend for creating and managing ticketing, event details, registrations, and more

Artonic began by creating an interactive prototype/wireframe to provide a proof-of-concept and define key features, scope, and interrelated components -- specifically: a backend for system administrators, a session proposal form, and conference registration site. Importantly, the backend included a module for importing, cleaning, managing, and exporting a database of MAEA members -- a feature to replace an older process that required a lot of manual work.

Once Artonic completed the prototype in close collaboration with MAEA, our development team released the project incrementally in phases, which allowed MAEA to garner the benefits of new software without waiting for the entire project to be complete. In phase one, we released the session proposal module; in phase two, we released the conference registration database, related backend modules, and the registration UI (user interface); and in phase three, we released the remaining backend components.

We hosted the project on a scalable cloud infrastructure with Linux virtual machines using the tried-and-true server-side LAMP stack and Laravel framework. The final product is scalable, performant custom software that meets unique needs not available in "off-the-shelf" solutions.

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