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3 Dudes & DinnerCase Study

Web Design Logo & Brand

About The Project

3 Dudes & Dinner is a modern, innovative business that creates gourmet meal replacements for busy families and individuals.

At the start of this project, the business owners wanted to develop not only a new business concept, but a new brand as well.

The first step was to define the customer's journey through the website in a process called Information Architecture. Artonic devoted twenty hours to mapping out the goals, actions, traffic flow, and other details of the website before a prototype (wireframe) was created.

While our Project Strategists developed 3 Dudes & Dinner's IA process, Artonic's designer worked with the owner to define and detail a strong brand identity for the business.

The next steps included structuring the prototype and developing the company logo. The prototype was created by Artonic's Project Manager and UX Designer, with collaboration from our Project Strategists and Graphic Designer.

Once the prototype was created, and the logo design completed, we moved on to the website design and development.

With a solid foundation including an IA process, prototype, brand identity, and logo design, the website design came together seamlessly. Our designer carried the main themes throughout the design. A smooth user-experience and flexible e-commerce base ensure that users will enjoy their time on-site.

Project Scope

Custom Website Design (E-commerce; Food/Restaurant)

  • Responsive
  • Custom E-commerce Base
  • IA Mapping
  • UX Design
  • 13 Static Pages
  • Google Map Integration
  • Logo Design & Brand Creation
3 Dudes & Dinner Website

Logo Design & Brand Refresh

A simple concept delivers its message in the 3 Dudes & Dinner logo design. Gourmet with locally-sourced meats, veggies, and herbs, 3 Dudes & Dinner promises a high-end meal without the fuss.

To communicate the ideals of simplicity, innovation, and quality, our designer started with the most basic of concepts: a dinner plate.

Fresh shades against a bold black circle make a strong statement about excellence and relevence.

3 Dudes & Dinner Logo
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