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Water Engineering TechnologiesCase Study

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When it comes to creating innovations that save millions and help protect the environment, Water Engineering Technologies is ahead of the game! Located in Ann Arbor, the forward-thinking team has received several important awards, including the PISCES Award from the EPA. 

This intelligent, informed group was captured onsite by Artonic's photographer. After battling an unusually wet summer, we were granted a gorgeous, sunny day during our session. 

Images of WET's technology and staff reveal a hard-working, compassionate team dedicated to advancing their industry.

Water Engineering Technologies Photography


Water Engineering Technologies needed a video to show to potential investors, both domestic and overseas. The video footage displays quotes from satisfied clients, including Michigan State Representative Gino. In addition to stats and data from WET projects, the video displays footage of a completed water treatment shaft in Ann Arbor, photography taken by Artonic, and sweeping drone footage. Artonic also provided the script and voiceover actor. The final video is stunning and emotional yet driven by facts, making it highly engaging and persuasive.

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