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DIY Pole Barns

Using Automation to Nurture Quotes into Sales

DIY Pole Barns provides materials and plans for custom-designed pole barns that can be built by its customers. Known for their high-quality products, affordable prices, and unbeatable customer service, DIY Pole Barns wanted to capitalize on their DIY-focused digital experience.

Artonic built customized workflows for engaged users who requested quotes, sending them several educational e-mails over the course of several months. These e-mails were geared towards helping potential customers understand the value of a DIY pole barn, while also educating them on the simplicity of the process of buying and building their pole barn.

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% Open Rate for E-mails

% Unique Clickthrough Rate

"We didn’t have the manpower to take advantage of all the new sales leads, but it’s been incredible! [Instant Quotes] impacted our business in such a way that our sales have increased dramatically this year."

Mike Gilmore, Chief Operating Officer

Each e-mail in the workflow provides information and answers to common questions associated with the buying process for pole barns. By taking a proactive approach, and automating the process, Artonic helped avoid abandoned quotes and re-opened communication with potential customers who never moved forward with the process.

These workflow e-mails contained several varying actions for users to take, allowing Artonic to nuture leads and to provide the information users needed, capturing thousands of additional clicks and website visits per e-mail.

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