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RV Wholesale Superstore

Converting Leads into Sales with Inbound Marketing Automation!

RV Wholesale Superstore is an RV dealership based in Sylvania, OH, which sells top-end RV models in the U.S. and internationally at wholesale prices.

RV Wholesale Superstore wanted to nurture leads that explored their website with well-timed e-mail campaigns that triggered automatically following specific downloads and sign-ups on their website. Artonic created downloadable documents, dozens of blogs each year, and more content to capture e-mail addresses, which were later utilized in the campaigns.

Our workflows were unique for each type of content, helping deliver relevant information that converted leads into sales over several months of scheduled e-mail touchpoints.

% Open Rate for E-mails

% Unique Clickthrough Rate

Total Clickthrough Rate Over Industry Average

"We’ve definitely seen an increase [in sales numbers]. We’ve seen about a 14-17% increase over the same period [in comparison to an industry average of only 8%]."

William, Operations

Interested users who submitted their e-mail addresses were added into workflows, each designed to match the type of content downloaded by the user. By crafting unique, highly-relevant workflows, we were able to increase the likelihood of the recipients engaging and responding to our calls-to-action.

Despite workflows sending several e-mails over the course of a few days, open rates and clickthrough rates for even the final e-mails in these chains remained above industry averages due to the engaging content within the emails.

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