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Dr. Flue

Doubled Conversions through Strategic Ad Targeting

Doctor Flue, Inc. is a respected local chimney sweep in southeast Michigan, serving the Michigan & Ohio areas. Their expertise and focus on the customer have given them a sterling reputation throughout the region.

By implementing campaigns targeting services offered by Doctor Flue, as well as continuous optimization, Artonic was able to reduce the number of irrelevant users and increase the rate of leads generated from paid ads. Through constant optimization of keywords, ad text, and targeting, the conversion rate increased 55% over a 5-year span.

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Over 5 Years...

% Increase in Form Submissions

% Conversion Rate Increase

In order to show relevant ads to users, multiple campaigns were created based on services offered by Doctor Flue. Each campaign was optimized with service-related keywords and ad text to ensure that a potential user would see an ad relevant to their search query.

Campaigns were further optimized based on geo-targeting. Due to the seasonality of the chimney repair industry, geo-targeting was reduced or expanded throughout the year to pinpoint potential clients and control ad spend effectively.

Through our continued campaign optimization, we increased conversion rates 55% over 4 years.

55% Increase in Conversion Rate

By continuing to optimize the campaigns to focus on higher quality users, Artonic was able to significantly increase leads from paid ads.

This included a 115% increase in yearly form submissions, from 174 in 2018 to 375 in 2019.

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