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Dr. Flue

More Traffic, More Leads, More Profit!

Doctor Flue, Inc. is a respected local chimney sweep in Southeast Michigan, serving the Michigan & Ohio areas. Their expertise and focus on the customer have given them a sterling reputation throughout the region.

A long-term partnership between Doctor Flue and Artonic allowed us to leverage the benefits of ongoing, strategic content generation, and optimization to boost rankings on search engines like Google and Bing.

By building valuable content and increasing rankings, Doctor Flue's organic website traffic steadily climbed by tens of thousands of new users each year, bringing in more leads, even during their off-season!

Over 4 Years...

% Increase in Organic Users

% Increase in Avg. Session Duration for Organic Traffic

Increase in Organic Leads

In-depth research informed our approach to Doctor Flue's organic strategy - founded on optimizing the keywords targeted by the primary pages of their website. By focusing on user intent and trends in local search results, existing pages were updated to target valuable and attainable keywords.

The organic strategy was supplemented by a consistent blog schedule designed to capture users searching for services or products provided by Doctor Flue. Article topics and keywords were varied to specific needs or general inquiries that helped bring in leads from all stages of the sales funnel.

10x Increase in Organic Leads!

In addition to building traffic, our strategy hinged on ensuring new users were relevant and looking for Doctor Flue's services within their service area. We updated existing pages and blogs and built new pages to optimize content for local traffic. This helped combat an increase in irrelevant traffic, while simultaneously increasing Doctor Flue's rankings in local search - driving a 10 fold increase in leads!

Are you ready to increase traffic, leads, and sales?