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Cunningham Vision Centers

Sparking an Eruption of Engagement with Social Media Advertising

Cunningham Vision Centers (now known as Clarkson Eyecare) are located in Tecumseh, Saline, and Ann Arbor, Michigan, offering top-quality eyecare with experienced optometrists.

In their goal to expand the reach and capture additional leads, we utilized lookalike audiences, remarketing ads, and strategically built target audiences to deliver ads and generate conversions in their service areas.

January 2019 vs 2020

% Increase in Engagement on Facebook

% Increase in Unique Organic Page Post Impressions

Unique Traffic from Social Media

Artonic implemented a paid social media campaign, designed to efficiently use CVC's advertising budget to reach as many users as possible. These lookalike audiences and retargeting ads were able to reach thousands of users, with costs as low as $.67 per click!

1,100% Increase in Organic Impressions

In addition to paid social media advertising, we executed an organic strategy to benefit from the increased attention and awareness brought in by paid ads. With consistent posting schedules, branded imagery and punchy, concise copy, unique organic page post impressions rose dramatically year over year.

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