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AGET Manufacturing

E-Commerce Website

AGET Manufacturing is a well-known Michigan manufacturing company that produces high-quality, custom dust and mist collectors.

The brand was first established in 1938 and boasts two recognizable product lines: DUSTKOP and MISTKOP. When the business changed hands in 2014, AGET approached Artonic with the challenge of refreshing AGET's brand through multiple projects, including a new custom e-commerce website.

As this website had very specific needs, Artonic identified OpenCart as being the best platform to build this website on. This allowed Artonic's expert UI/UX/IA designers to craft the perfect solution for their advanced dealer search feature, whilst also ensuring an optimal buying experience for e-commerce sales. With the backing of Artonic's hosting and support plan, AGET can focus on its core business while relying on Artonic to take care of its digital needs.

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