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How much does a Website Cost?


Small Business Websites
start at $8,000

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  • Up to 10 Pages
  • Content Insertion & Proof Reading
  • Stock Photography

Mid-range Business Websites
start at $15,000

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  • Up to 15 Pages
  • Collaborative Content Creation
  • Blog Integration
  • Photography Session

Large Websites
start at $25,000

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  • Up to 20 Pages
  • Full Content Creation
  • Custom Functionality
  • Custom Photography

E-Commerce Websites
start at $15,000

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  • Product Import
  • Payment integration
  • Custom Functionality
  • SEO Upgrade

How to Determine Your Website Cost

The cost of a web design depends on the following:


To succeed, fix your eyes on the goal

What are your goals for the website?

Bring in more leads? Convert more leads into sales? Increase market size?

Cost definitely varies depending on the difficulty and complexity of your website goals.


Size matters: It's based on your goals

How big is your website? What is the scope and scale of your project?

Specific pages are important for SEO, Inbound Marketing, Google AdWords, and usability.

Do you have enough pages to reach your goals?


Make it work well and easy to use

Do you need something that's outside a basic e-commerce website?

Maybe you need a custom backend, or advanced filtering systems.

Functionality costs vary depending on what you want your website to do.

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