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10 Ideas to Boost Sales on Your Website, Short- and Long-Term

Ready to boost sales on your website? Here are 10 ideas – all backed by research and data – to help you get more online sales.

Read through the list – chances are, you’ll find one or two things you could do to make more sales online.

Boost sales on your webiste

#1 – Make Your Pages Load Faster

People want fast and they want now. If you don’t give it to them, they’ll leave.

It’s really that simple; reducing the amount of time your webpage takes to load can have an enormous impact on sales.

Timeframe to see results: Short- and Long-Term

here are some ideas to boost sales
How long does it take your website to load?

Stats that Prove It

73% of mobile Internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that was too slow to load.

51% of mobile Internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that crashed, froze, or received an error.

38% of mobile Internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that wasn’t available.

47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.

40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1 second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales every year.

ideas to boost sales
Amazon offers tons of info – even at a high-level overview.

#2 – Bring Your Products to Life

Add professional photos and videos to your products to “bring your products to life” for shoppers. The number one complaint of online shoppers is the lack of experience – they cannot touch, feel, or hold the product as they would in a brick-and-mortar store.

Solve this problem for users by providing them with enough media and information that they can really experience the process of selecting and purchasing an item.

ideas to boost sales
Give your customers what they want – a full shopping experience.

Extra Credit: Reviews & Product Comparisons make your products more “real” for shoppers. Many e-commerce websites can easily integrate product reviews and comparisons. (View info on e-commerce websites.)

Timeframe to see results: Long-Term

ideas to boost sales
Landing page shows an overview of all toys in this line.
Boost online sales ideas
Rich product pages include realistic, professional photography and product specs.
ideas to boost sales
A video of dogs playing with the toys is priceless!

Stats that Prove It

49% of cite not being able to touch, feel or try a product as one of their least favorite aspects of online shopping.

78% of online shoppers want more images from e-commerce sites.

30% of online shoppers want more video from e-commerce sites.

69% of online shoppers want more reviews from e-commerce sites.

46% of online shoppers want more product comparisons from e-commerce sites.

#3 – Make Your Website Responsive

A responsive website is one that responds to different screen sizes. If you view the website on your phone, the website will change so that it’s easier to see.

idea to boost sales good
The homepage
boost sales homepage on a tablet. The screen does not change based on the size of the viewer’s device. This is not a responsive website.
ideas to boost the sale
The website is full size, even when viewed on a mobile phone.

The main reason you want a responsive website is because people use their phones to access the Internet all the time, and that includes searching for services and shopping for products.

This is a simple decision; you need a responsive website if you don’t have one currently. You’ll get better rankings in Google which will send you more traffic. More traffic means more opportunity to sell. Plus, the longer a shopper is on your website, the more likely she is to purchase something. So, we want your website visitors to love your website – it needs to be easy to use, even on a phone.

Timeframe to see results: Short- and Long-Term

sales ideas boost
How many of your website viewers look at your website on their phones?

Stats that Prove It

60% of Internet access occurs on mobile devices.

“In early 2014, the number of mobile users accessing the Internet surpassed the number of desktop users.”

34% of smartphone users go online mostly using their phones, rather than a desktop or laptop computer.

40% of people will choose another result if the first one they land on is not mobile friendly.

4 in 5 smartphone users access retail content on their device monthly.

“as of April 21st, 2015… Google began rewarding sites that were built responsively for multi-device support”

Out of 100 sites analyzed, 11.8% on average use responsive design.

The percentage of small businesses who don’t have their website optimized for mobile is 91%.

do i have sales boosting thoughts and creation ideas
Many people love to shop online using their smart phones. Can your website accommodate them?

#4 – Embrace E-commerce

If you have a business and can sell your products online, you should. Immediately.

Shoppers love to buy things online. Capitalize on this with an e-commerce website that’s easy to use and beautifully designed.

Serious woman shopping online with credit card making purchase decision
Many people “cannot live without” online shopping. Does that include your target audience? Check analytics to find out!

Stats that Prove It

2 in 5 (40%) online shoppers say they couldn’t live without online shopping.

Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers are more than twice as likely as seniors to say they couldn’t live without online shopping (43% to 20%).

51% of Americans prefer to shop online.

96% of Americans have made an online purchase in their life, 80% in the past month alone.

E-commerce is growing 23% year-over-year, yet 46% of American small businesses do not have a website.

Timeframe to see results: Short- and Long-Term

#5 – Get Connected

Connection means social media and, social media can bring in more sales.

Social media platforms are popular, and that means your audience – the people who buy things from you – can be found on social media. If your audience is there, you need to be there, too.

ideas to boost sales
Dr. Andy’s Facebook page is up-to-date and engaging.
Dr Andy boosts sales with FB
Dr. Andy’s website supports his social media accounts. Icons to the platforms are in the website header and the homepage banner matches the banners on Dr. Andy’s social media accounts.

Social media is an effective way to get your brand message to the people who matter. Plus, social media can be fun. Express your company’s brand in colorful, creative ways with authentic photos and videos. Your audience will eat it up.

If you aren’t already, you need to use social media to find potential buyers, end of story. Social media is not a waste of time. At Artonic, we are ferocious about guarding our time. We don’t waste it on ineffective measures – and we’re telling you, do social media right, and it’ll pay off for years.

ideas to boost sales online
If you create a social media account, let your current customers know – chances are, they’ll follow you!

Stats that Prove It

29% of online shoppers would be likely to follow a brand on Facebook.

21% of online shoppers would be likely to follow a brand on Pinterest.

21% of online shoppers would be likely to follow a brand on Instagram.

18% of online shoppers would be likely to follow a brand on Twitter.

13% of online shoppers would be likely to follow a brand on Snapchat.

20% of online shoppers would purchase an item a friend has included on their Pinterest board.

18% of shoppers would purchase an item a friend liked on Facebook.

21% of online shoppers would purchase an item featured in a brand’s Facebook post.

18% of online shoppers would purchase an item from a brand’s Pinterest board.

Also – don’t give up on social media. If your goal is to increase brand recognition, it takes time.

It takes an average of 5-7 brand impressions before someone will remember your brand.

Timeframe to see results: Long-Term

do you have any ideas to boost sales
Know your target audience. Invest in market research to make the most of your campaigns.

#6 – Invest in Target Audience Research

How well do you know your buyers?

Do you know your audience well enough to capitalize on their buying habits?

After working with many different clients in a variety of industry, I know that most small to medium businesses do not know their target audience.

You’re missing a huge opportunity.

If you understand why your buyer acts the way she does, why she buys from your store and not your competitors, you can use that knowledge to influence her decisions. That means you can potentially persuade her to buy more… if you understand her.

Timeframe to see results: Long-Term

Team working together at Artonic

Stats that Prove It

Men reported spending 28% more online than women during the past year.

Parents spend 61% more online than non-parents ($1,071 vs. $664).

Americans in metropolitan areas are spending the most online.

63% of suburban shoppers share that shipping costs are their least favorite part of online shopping.

38% of rural shoppers cite strong concerns about online privacy.

The stats above highlight opportunities to help users find and buy your products.

In example, if your target audience lives mostly in rural areas, you’ll need to address online privacy.

Another example, if you target parents, give them the items they want, fast. Don’t make them wait; it’ll cost you. But parents can be a lucrative audience, if you understand it.

Google AdWords is a sure-fire way to increase sales.

#7 – Start an AdWords Campaign

AdWords is a proven way to boost sales on your website. You can get more traffic to your website the same day you start your ads. (Once you stop running your ads, the traffic will end. That’s why we recommend using organic marketing to supplement your sales campaign. Organic marketing builds value over time, unlike AdWords.)

Timeframe to see results: Short-Term

graphic comparing AdWords cost vs value
To run a successful campaign, ensure you know the cost and return on your AdWords.

Stats that Prove It

Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords.

Google display campaigns reach 80% of global Internet users.

72% of AdWords marketers plan to increase their PPC budgets.

64.6% of people click on Google ads when they are looking to buy an item online.

The first position on Google search results on desktop has a 34.36% click-through rate.

Consider offering free shipping – customers hate shipping costs.

#8 – Offer Free Shipping

Want more sales? Give them free shipping.

Seriously. Sometimes it is that easy.

In fact, your shipping costs are nearly as important to your shoppers as the cost of your product is. As a frequent online shopper, I can attest to the truth of this.

Online shoppers want to save time and money. If they can get a better deal by hopping in their Jeep and heading to the nearest discount store, they will.

Give them a reason to buy online – offer them a deal on shipping.

This isn’t as simple as I’ve made it out to be. Offering free shipping means a review and possible restructure of your company’s pricing system. It’s no small feat, but the result is worth it.

Imagine if 70% more of your orders were completed. Would free shipping be worth it then?

Timeframe to see results: Long-Term

ideas boost sale
Boost sales with Free Shipping; shipping charges can cripple your online business.

Stats that Prove It

The top three factors that are very or extremely influential in determining where Americans shop are price (87%), shipping cost and speed (80%) and discount offers (71%).

66% of online shoppers have decided not to buy an item because of shipping costs.

72% of females and 59% of males have decided to abandon their purchase because of shipping costs.

Live Chat is offered on MAC Cosmetic's website.
Live Chat is offered on MAC Cosmetic’s website.

#9 – Add a Live Chat Feature

Never underestimate the power of human interaction. That’s another thing they can only get by visiting a brick-and-mortar store.

Or can they? Now, with Live Chat, you can be that helpful presence your shoppers want.

Think about it – online shoppers want the same experience that they have in a “real” store. That includes offering sales help when they’re shopping. In a brick-and-mortar store, your shoppers can approach your employees to ask questions and get advice. Expert advice is a great perk of shopping – and it shouldn’t be ignored in online sales.

Live Chat allows you to be there for your customers when they’re on the cusp of making a purchase. That’s priceless to online retailers.

Timeframe to see results: Long-Term

sales boosting ideas
A modal window appears once a user clicks on the Live Chart button.
ideas to boost sales
Once a user enters her information, the tech using Live Chat is alerted.
The entire chat is recorded and visible to the user. It’s like talking to an employee inside a brick-and-mortar store.

Stats that Prove It

92% customers feel satisfied when they use the live chat feature, compared to other communication options like voice (88%), email (85%), web form (85%), and social media (Facebook 84%, Twitter 77%).

50% of consumers say that having a live person answer their questions while in the middle of their purchase decision is one of the most important features a brand can offer.

live chat will grow 400% as a preferred customer digital engagement channel from 2015 to 2018.

ideas to boost sales offers an engaging, beautiful, and informative website to its users.

#10 – Make the Shopping Experience Consistent & Enjoyable

Your customers want an easy, enjoyable experience when they shop and buy online, and they want that experience each and every time they shop.

That means you’ll have to create a process to provide a consistently enjoyable customer experience, both online and in-store.

Timeframe to see results: Long-Term

ideas to boost sales offers loads of high-quality content written specifically for its target audience.
ideas to boost sales
The website is responsive, so it looks excellent on phones and tablets.

Stats that Prove It

21% of Americans state that unattractive or hard-to-navigate websites is frustrating when buying online.

87% of customers think brands need to put more effort into providing a consistent experience -

80% of potential customers look at a company’s website before contacting them

First impressions are 94% design-related.

60% of US millennials expect consistent experiences when dealing with brands online, in-store, or by phone.

By 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

Now Is the Time

There are huge opportunities for small and medium businesses in Michigan and Ohio. The market is not yet saturated, which means you still have time to establish your company online.

Download Your Free Whitepaper

Best practices boost sales.

How do you create a website that entices your customers to buy the things you sell? And what kind of marketing strategy is best? These questions are something we answer for clients all the time!

Discover what it takes to build a success e-commerce website online with our whitepaper: E-commerce Web Design Best Practices.

e-commerce web design best practices cover of green ebook with shopping cart graphic on it.
Best practices boost sales.


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