Artonic's Website Support Package Part 2
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This blog is for serious geeks only, because we cannot imagine anyone else being interested in the (cool!) things we’re going to cover.

So, if you’re a geek like us (or just really curious or weird…), read on!

The following services are offered with Artonic’s Support Package:

Website Uptime Monitoring

This means Artonic keeps an eye on your website 24/7/365 and automatically checks it every three minutes. In the event that something is not right, we are notified immediately and take action.

Why this is important: Website monitoring helps catch and prevent excessive downtime (and the resulting frustration) for your customers.

How much downtime is normal? Expect at least 99.9% availability. That translates to a maximum of 8.76 hours a year or 10.1 minutes a week in a worst case scenario. Most unplanned downtime occurs for just a few seconds and is inconsequential to your website visitors.


Website Backup

Keeping a backup of your website is a basic safeguard, and our standard practice. Your website files and databases are backed up regularly, so we can revert back in the event of problem. Plus, Artonic creates a backup every year and sends it to you upon request for your safe keeping and peace of mind. Now you’ll always have a recent backup of your website on hand!

SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is used to encrypt data on your website, and is used for security purposes. If you accept credit cards on your website, have an e-commerce store, or transmit confidential data, you need an SSL certificate.

Bonus – Google counts an SSL certificate as a positive ranking factor!

Dedicated IP Address

If you have an SSL certificate, you’re also required to have a dedicated IP address, but it’s also beneficial to have one beyond that.

When your website has a dedicated IP address, it means that it is not sharing an address with other websites. This makes it more secure against hacking and spam, and also improves your website’s authority in the eyes of Google.


WordPress Blog Updates

WordPress updates are necessary to ensure optimal security, but if your website isn’t built properly, the update may break your code. Broken code translates into errors on your website and visitor frustration.

Instead, trust your updates to us! We’ll ensure updates are completed smoothly and professionally and all code functions well. We can easily troubleshoot if needed, but in most cases, updates are simple and less time-consuming for our developers to make.

Website Hosting

Our Support Plan clients also have the option to host with us, which enables us to optimize the technical efficiencies of your website.

Have special hosting needs? Receive massive website traffic daily? If so, an upgrade may be required. Regardless, our standard hosting package is perfect for 95% of businesses. (We’ll help you determine if you need more!)

Domain Name Renewal

Managing your domain name renewal isn’t a big thing, but it’s something that has to be done consistently, to ensure ownership. As part of your Support, we’ll manage and renew your domain name, so you don’t have to worry about it. This way you can keep all your website services under one roof! (If needed, additional domain names are $5/month/domain.)


DNS Management

Artonic uses state‐of‐the‐art DNS management to control how traffic to your domain is handled for your website, e‐mail, and more. This means faster load times, spam prevention, and faster changes to your DNS configuration.  This is just another piece to efficiently maintain your website.


If you’re a client with questions about Support, please contact us!

If you’re curious to learn more about our awesome Support Package for clients, just let us know:

[email protected]