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Michigan.gov’s New Website Aims to Fight the #OpioidEpidemic

The following chilling stats greet you on the homepage of Michigan.gov’s new opioid website:

  • 2,729 | Deaths from Drug Overdoses – in 2017 there were more deaths from drug overdoses than car accidents in Michigan.
  • 17x | Increase in Overdose Deaths – in Michigan from the span of 1999-2016, from 99 deaths to 1,699 deaths.
  • 11.4M | Prescriptions for Painkillers were written in 2015, equaling about 115 opioid prescriptions per 100 people.

The website is the latest resource offered to Michigan residents by Republican Lt. Gov. Calley in his fight against the #OpioidEpidemic.

“Trying to find helpful information and resources about the opioid addiction epidemic should not be difficult,” Lt. Gov. Brian Calley said in a statement announcing the site. “The State of Michigan is committed to using every available resource to combat this epidemic and that is why we launched this new website today, making it easy to navigate, find help and get information faster.”

More Than Information

Calley hopes Michigan gov’s opioid website will do more than simply inform people about the epidemic; he hopes it will an active resource for everyone involved in the crisis.

“Trying to find helpful information and resources about the opioid addiction epidemic should not be difficult.” – Lt. Gov. Calley

In his piece for the Detroit Free Press, Calley notes:

The State of Michigan is using every available tool and resource to combat this epidemic, with state agencies working hand-in-hand to amplify our efforts related to prevention, treatment, education and enforcement of over-prescribers. Efforts include:

  • Launching the upgraded Michigan Automated Prescription System, which provides real-time prescription data to detect addiction risks, doctor shopping and pill diversion earlier.
  • Organizing details on proper drug disposal of unwanted medications and locations for drop off.
  • Michigan State Police’s Angel Program which helps connect those struggling with addiction with resources for treatment.
  • Setting up a standing order for naloxone, the overdose antidote, at Michigan pharmacies.
Michigan.gov's new website banner for opioid addiction.
Website banner on the new opioid website.


Every great website needs a goal. Michigan.gov’s website is no different. Thankfully, the website was created with a specific goal in mind:

“The goal of the website, Lt. Gov. Calley said, “is to make it possible to get life-saving information faster.”

The new website is meant to be a life-saving tool where “all opioid addiction information and resources in one convenient spot.”

Calley hopes, “Having a single location for this information will help Michiganders better access the life-saving help they need without the worry of knowing where to look.”

Target Audience

Who is the opioid website for, exactly?

“Regardless of how you’re affected by it, a person who’s addicted all the way through to a person who’s a prescriber that needs information, this’d be a ‘one stop shop’ to help people get the information they need,” said Calley.

The website was built to cater to several segments of the website’s target audience.

Image of website homepage content with target audience highlighted.
The new opioid website targets several groups of people.


WXYZ Detroit reports that opioid-related overdoses have increased in recent years:

“Preliminary data showed that of the 2,749 overdose deaths in Michigan in 2017, 1,941 were opioid-related.”

Also noted were the number of opioid-related deaths in Michigan since 2015:

  • In 2017, opioid-related deaths were reported at 1,941
  • In 2016, opioid-related deaths were reported at 1,786
  • In 2015, opioid-related deaths were reported at 1,320

Resources like the website are vital to healthcare providers as opioid deaths hit a new high in Michigan in 2017. “What we’re really about is helping identify when there’s a problem and them [sic] getting them connected and supporting them through these services.”

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For example, these posts from twitter include links to the opioid website. Links are one way more people will find out about Michigan.gov’s new website.

Twitter posts that include links to the new website.
Links in twitter posts help users find the new opioid website.

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