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You deserve SEO results from your marketing agency, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way.

As in every industry, not all SEO firms are created equally. In fact, the SEO industry has a reputation for poor ethics, deceit, and scams. With this in mind, it’s very important that you choose your SEO agency carefully and wisely.

Unethical Practices

If you think your SEO agecny has conducted unethical practices to artificially increase rankings, investigate! Check your backlinks, view your online directories and social media platforms. Search for your company’s name in Google and dig deeply into the results to see what appears.

If you find evidence of spammy SEO techniques, ditch the company and hire an ethical SEO team.

Ineffective Marketing 

Of course not all ineffective marketing campaigns can be linked to a bad SEO firm. Sometimes the firm may just not be a good fit for your business or industry. The company may also use tactics that just aren’t effective.

Ensure the SEO company you work with understands your goals, so they have a chance to reach them. The goals should be specific and attainable, which means taking time to understand what you want and how long it should reasonably take.


Another component that affects your results is your budget. All businesses, regardless of size, should expect to spend between 5% and 10% of gross revenue on marketing. Highly competitive industries will need to spend more. If your SEO budget is too small for your business, you’ll never see the results you want in a reasonable time period.


You’re not getting the results you want, and you’ve identified the issues (i.e. your budget is too low to overcome the competition or your SEO firm doesn’t understand your industry).

What do you do now? Solve the problem with a smart solution, including:

Find a Better Digital Marketing Agency

Re-evaluate your marketing team. If you suspect unethical behavior, investigate immediately, and be prepared to leave your old marketing team behind.

Establish Goals with Your Digital Marketing Agency

If you’re not getting results, but your marketing team is ethical and hard-working, then schedule a meeting to talk. Discuss specific, measurable goals and establish reasonable deadlines. If the marketing team fails to produce results after a fair amount of time, consider looking for a more responsive marketing agency.

Raise Your Budget

If, after reviewing your marketing goals and team, you determine that your budget is too small to produce the results you want, it’s time to raise your budget. Remember, in successful businesses revenue follows marketing; you have to invest a little to increase profits.


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