Matt Harper, Author at Artonic
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Author: Matt Harper

Madison Students Visit Artonic

Being nearby, Madison Schools reached out to Artonic to inquire about bringing a few of its students to our office in Tecumseh. (Both are located in Lenawee County in SE Michigan.)
Madison Middle School 8th … Read the Article

5 Tips to Punch Up Your Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to add a personal voice to your brand. They’re an informational “gift” you can give your listeners and customers, all wrapped up in a format that they can listen … Read the Article

Website Caching – Explained

To start, let’s look at what a website cache is and why it exists.
What It Is: When we browse the Internet, we often times visit a website and pages within a website multiple … Read the Article

Free vs Business Class E-Mail

In Episode 5, Matt talks about the differences between using a free e-mail service such as Yahoo or Gmail and using a business-class e-mail service such as Hosted Exchange or Google Apps.

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