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Being nearby, Madison Schools reached out to Artonic to inquire about bringing a few of its students to our office in Tecumseh. (Both are located in Lenawee County in SE Michigan.)

Madison Middle School 8th Grade Students Video

Watch the video we put together of Madison School students! It’s about 2 minutes long. We ask, “What career are you interested in pursuing?” The students’ answers were awesome. 

Welcome, Madison Students!

Image of Arty welcoming Madison Students is framed.
Madison School students were enthusiastically welcomed at Artonic’s office!

Let’s Learn About Web Design

We first explained the basics of website design and development to the students. Matt showed the students from Madison how Artonic’s team creates a website. He mentioned our process, including planning, wireframing, design, and development.

Matt presents web design to Madison students

The students were split into groups. One group gathered in the conference room and listened to Artonic’s owner, Matt. Joe, a strategist, introduced the students to information architecture. The students were each given a folder filled with information about the topics discussed.

We made sure to emphasize that creative, challenging jobs are available in the local area. Yes, Artonic is unique as the only custom web design and development agency in Lenawee County. But we’ve been here for over 13 years now, and are enjoying continued growth!

Encouraging local students to explore technology, art, design, and writing is very important to Artonic. Most of our staff is from the local area (including Adrian, Tecumseh, and Clinton).

Let’s Learn About Digital Marketing

As Matt explained website design and development, the other group of Madison students listened to Andy and Sean explain digital marketing and advertising. (Andy is an expert in SEO, writing, and marketing. Sean is a Google Ads expert.)

Andy and Sean teach Madison School students about SEO in Lenawee County, Michigan.
Andy discusses the basics of search engine optimization.
Andy talks to a group of students in Lenawee County, Michigan.
Madison students listen intently to our resident SEO expert, Andy.

Bring Your Students to Artonic

If you’re in the local area and want to visit Artonic’s offices, please contact us! We love to show students around our office. Our team is happy to talk with your students, class, or small group about website design, development, and marketing.

Contact Artonic Online

Sean talks to students from Madison Schools in Lenawee County, Michigan.
Sean helps students understand advertising online.

What Your Students Learn at Artonic

About Us

Artonic is a custom web design, development, and marketing agency. We plan, design, and develop websites, web apps, logos, printed marketing materials, and more.


Search Engine Optimization is a marketing tactic used online. SEO helps a website get more visibility on Google so that more visitors come to the website.

Social Media

Use social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, to get more visitors to your website.  Social media can grow web traffic, increase brand awareness, help identify new ways to market your business, and so much more.Students from Madison Schools in Lenawee County, Michigan.

Students listened to and asked questions of Sean and Andy.

  • Google Ads (formerly AdWords)
  • Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Search Engine Advertising (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
Madison School students look at an image on a video monitor in Lenawee County, Michigan.
Students learned about blogs and websites.

A Content Management System  is called a CMS.  It allows you to create, manage, publish, and edit information on your website by yourself, quickly and easily.

  • Edit text content
  • Upload and edit images/photos
  • Save money on maintenance costs
  • Make changes to your site immediately
Our Process

Plan – Design – Code – Test – Launch – Maintain

At Artonic, we work closely with our clients from the beginning of a project to the end, with maintenance during and after. We discuss ideas, goals, and visions so we can implement a solid strategy into a client’s web design early on.


It’s important to plan, which is why we wireframe all websites before we build them.  A wireframe is a mockup of the layout of a soon-to-be website. A wireframe helps us determine the best way to design a website, so it’s effective and cost efficient, and includes all the features needed.

Say Hello!

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