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Photo Stories: How Photography Sells Million-Dollar Properties

Do you own a property you’d like to sell? One thing you must invest in is photos and videos. This is what Kuhlman Properties learned when selling one of its million-dollar lake properties in Michigan. In fact, the property photography and videography was absolutely essential to the final sale. Check out Kuhlman’s story in photos and video.

Michigan Photography

Taking photos of Michigan can be a challenge. Why? Weather, for one thing. Terrain, for another. Both were issues during our photo and video sessions for Kuhlman’s lake properties.

property photography

Located in Southeast Michigan, the Kuhlman lake properties were full of natural beauty. Along with this gorgeous natural habitat was rocky shoreline, overgrown  trails, and lots of sand. We were also fortunate enough to view lots of local wildlife, like swans, duck, geese, and deer. property photography

Photographing the Properties

Getting the right light was essential to the property photos. We were onsite to shoot still photos early in the morning, for several days during a two-week period.

Because of Michigan’s seasonal weather, we had to work quickly. We were asked to photograph the lake properties for Kuhlman at the tail end of summer. In this area, near the Ohio border, summer turns to fall in the blink of an eye. Then we enjoy gorgeous foliage for a few weeks. And then, it’s over. And winter comes to Michigan.

michigan property photographyproperty photographyRegardless of the time crunch, we thoroughly enjoyed photographing the Kuhlman properties. As you can see in the images, the properties are stunning. They showcase the very best of Southeast Michigan: the natural beauty of woods, water, and wildlife.

Michigan Seasons

If you own a property in Michigan, photograph it during Spring, Summer, and Autumn. These are the most visually appealing seasons to photograph. Capture the light at its softest during the morning hours. Dusk is also a prime time to grab your camera and photograph your property, as the light during this time is velvety.

Property Photography in Late Summer

Summer in Michigan is gorgeous! Get photos of the sun as it rises over a body of water (we have plenty). Your property has appeal all its own; capture the most beautiful sections at the best times of day and during the right seasons. That means Spring, Summer, or Autumn during the morning or evening hours.

Michigan has an abundance of eye-catching plants, trees, and grasses. Get up close and capture the fine details. White fluff, grains, and thin green stalks offer unending visual enjoyment.

Summer colors include greens, browns, and neutrals. Pale blue skies create the perfect canvas for breathtaking photos.

Property Photography in Autumn

Autumn in Michigan is unlike any other season. Our lush forests burst into color. You’ll see vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow during this season. Photography the leaves against a deep blue sky for ultimate vibrancy.

Property Photography in Spring

Michigan’s Springtime is always a welcome sight. It brings with it light blue skies, warm breezes, and brilliant leafy green buds everywhere.

property photography

Bring Out the Drone: Video

Capturing footage of the lakeside properties was a blast. The land and water looked beautiful, we saw lots of birds and fish, and the weather was just cool enough.

To capture the footage, we used our drone.

The following photos were taken by an Artonic team member onsite at Kuhlman Properties. The images were shot during Spring during the middle of the day. Although this is not always the ideal time to shoot video, the wind was a factor. We cannot shoot footage with our drone if the wind is over a certain mph.

We shot still photos and drone footage during this session. These images and recordings were placed on the website and used in digital and print marketing campaigns.

Using Photos to Sell Property

Website Photos

The website for Kuhlman’s Michigan lake properties centered on the images and videos.

property photography for websites

The subpages also use the images shot at Kuhlman’s properties. We captured lots of foliage and wildlife, like the deer below.

Marketing Photos

To market the properties, we used our photography in print ads for Hour Detroit and duPont Registry. The photos were also utilized in digital advertising and marketing. This is one way your property photography can be used most effectively.

Property photography

More Resources for Web Design Photography

Need a website to sell your property? Consider the immense value of custom photography.

This free ebook, 10 Stats About the Value of Photography & Videography in Web Design, is a must-read for any realtor or property owner trying to sell land or realty. Inside, you’ll find solid stats that make the case for custom photos and videos on your website.

Property Photography in Late Summer

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Kuhlman Property Website Scope

Two beautiful lake-side properties in southeast Michigan are the focus of this photo-centric website. The project began just as summer ended and fall began. We were able to capture this stunning section of our local community during both seasons, and the results are spectacular!

Custom video was also created for each property. The visuals are breathtaking. Footage was captured during the Michigan summer fall transition using multiple cameras, including a drone.

Kuhlman Property WebsThis project was very enjoyable for Artonic’s team; we loved visiting the properties during such a lovely time in Michigan.

  • Project Scope
  • Brand Development
  • Custom Photography
  • Custom Videography
  • Search Engine Optimized Content

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