10 Marketing Secrets Realtors Can Learn from Australia’s Digital Live 2018
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10 Marketing Secrets Realtors Can Learn from Australia’s Digital Live 2018

Digital Live 2018 is “Australian real estate’s first (and only) digital marketing and branding program.” (source) It takes place over a period of six months and helps realtors understand the importance of their digital presence.

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  1. The time is now.

    “As the market slows and competition within the real estate industry increases, there is no better time to be a real estate agent.”

  2. The interview is digital

    “Nailing that interview comes down to creating a uniform presence that consistently reflects an agent’s image across social media and the online realm.”

  3. Video is king

    “Video is the hot-ticket trend. While YouTube sees a billion hours of video added a day, the Facebook algorithm ranks it as their number one preferred content type, with Facebook Live in poll position.” (You might be interested in YouTube for Business: 9 Tips from Creators *eye-opening*)

  4. It’s about your personal brand

    “Where once real estate was all about the big-name brand, now it’s about the individual – and that trend is unlikely to change. Around 65 per cent of people trust human beings, and only 35 per cent have faith in brands.”

  5. Anyone can be an influencer

    “In this new age of influence you can go from a nobody to a somebody overnight and mobilise millions of people in 128 characters or less.”

    (You might be interested in The Power of YouTube Influencers – What Brand Sponsors Need to Know)

  6. Don’t forget your product

    “If you don’t have a consistent look and feel to your listings, your vendor does not know what to expect when they call you in. Consistency builds trust, which builds brand loyalty.”

  7. The art of engaging content

    Social media relies on great content. Find inspiration all around you.

  8. Harness LinkedIn

    “Ninety-six per cent of everything that we look at on the internet is unbranded. It comes from a human being, not a brand. Yet $50 billion a year is spent on marketing, branding and advertising.”

  9. Do not overlook dark social

    “Social media is where it’s at, but don’t forget the power of the personal. Sharing information on private or ‘dark social’ platforms like email and text was eight times more powerful and engaging than just posting to social media.”

  10. Perfect is scary

    “Building a digital presence is not about perfection. People don’t want perfect, they want you. They want authenticity and they want knowledge. We don’t buy into perfect. It’s scary. We want your journey and your process. And the truth is we don’t sell real estate; we are lifestyle storytellers.”

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