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Mobile Usage Stats for Black Friday (and you still don’t have a responsive website?!)

The advent of smaller, more powerful mobile devices has drastically changed the way people communicate, but did you know that it has also drastically changed the way that people shop?

If you are relying solely on a traditional website to attract Internet shoppers, you are missing out on a potential goldmine for your business.

Mobile Devices & Online Sales

According to a series of reports conducted by IBM’s Digital Analytics Benchmark group, Black Friday and Cyber Monday Internet shopping via mobile devices has increased by 9 percent this year, and mobile shoppers now make up 37 percent of all shopping traffic and 21 percent of online sales.

Smartphone sales account for almost twice as much online shopping traffic as tablets such as iPads do, but tablet users placed 1.5 times as many sales. Tablets also make up 13.2 percent of all online purchases, as opposed to smartphones, which make up 7.8 percent. The IBM report also states that online shoppers using iOS devices spent an average 4.5 times more per sale than Android users did.

Stats released by Ignition One show a similar trend. According to their research, out of the 89 million people who participated in Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping this year, 13 percent used a mobile phone or tablet to make their purchases.  So far in 2013, 19 percent of consumers have made online purchases using tablets and 18 percent have used smartphones to complete their transactions.

Your Business

So what does all of this mean for you and your business? It means that a responsive website for smartphone and tablet users needs to be an integral part of your business plan. It also means that, as you plan your responsive website, you have to consider the vast number of iOS systems in use, as they utilize different browsers than other smartphones or Android tablets do.

Interested in learning more? Artonic can help! We will conduct a consultation to determine how we can best increase sales and develop a plan that brings mobile shoppers to you.

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