2018 Digital Marketing Trends in Social Media, AdWords, & SEO
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2018 Digital Marketing Trends in Social Media, AdWords, & SEO

Discover the latest digital marketing trends for 2018 in this short video. Find out what today’s digital marketers are doing when it comes to social media, Google AdWords, SEO, and content.

Video Transcript

Check out the advice given from our Artonic team members in this quick, information video about digital marketing trends.

2018 Digital Marketing Trends: Social Media

“I think in 2017 what we really saw in social media was an explosion of live stream videos, and I think in 2018 that trend is going to continue to climb. According to livestream.com, 80% of consumers would rather view a live stream video than read a blog, and I think that trend is just going to continue. People really need to embrace the live stream videos.

“In addition to that, I think we’re going to see Artificial Intelligence kind of play into the social media realm. I think we’re getting closer to having some kind of user interface where social media will take place in that AI environment.”

2018 Digital Marketing Trends: Google AdWords

“So current trends with AdWords are Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning. What that means is AdWords uses different statistics and different variables to assist with how campaigns perform. This allows the system to look at past data to help improve future performance.”

2018 Digital Marketing Trends: SEO

“In SEO, it’s important to have really great content. Google’s been working a lot to try to simplify search engine results, so when somebody goes to search something, instead trying to give them the top ten results, they want to give you the best answer right away without having to go into a website. So having those answers that Google can pull from your website and put right in the search engine results is really important. So content has never been so important as it is now.”