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When Website Mistakes Happen, Where’s Your Support Team?

Where is your website support team when mistakes happen?Web developers aren’t perfect, and mistakes are pretty common, even on really large websites. Check out the screenshot below of Artonic’s LinkedIn page.

Can you see the “Back to LinkedIn.com” link (upper right corner)? Pretty sure it’s not supposed to look like that…

As you can see, mistakes happen on even the biggest of websites. This can be due to many different reasons, like the website browser you use (Chrome vs. Internet Explorer) or a simple coding error. Sometimes it’s an oversight.

The thing to consider, if you’re thinking about your website, is whether your developer fixes the issue quickly and professionally or not.

Is your website developer competent, quick, and professional?
Is your website developer competent, quick, and professional?

How Does Your Web Developer Fix Mistakes?

After working with developers from many different companies, I know that “quick” and “professional” are not words that immediately jump to mind when I think of web development.

Web developers are usually slow to respond, if they respond at all. I don’t know how many times people have been shocked when someone from Artonic answers their phone message or email. It’s surprising how many web developers, or even just web companies in general, don’t return calls, don’t answer emails, are impolite, or refuse to give up information.

A web developer smiles as he listens to his support clients.
Is your website developer friendly? Does he/she take a personal interest in your company?

A Different (Better) Way

Since I was hired at Artonic, I was aware that being “responsive” to our clients was a top priority. It is our policy to answer a client the same day, if possible. No one here goes a week or more without returning communication to a client.

It’s unfortunate that this isn’t the standard in our industry.

Many of our clients come to Artonic with baggage from their last developer(s) or web experiences. It takes awhile for them to get used to our same-day, professional responses. But once they do, we enjoy a great partnership.

Is your website support team responsive? Do they listen to your questions?

Move Forward

Every website build has unique challenges. But at Artonic, we are serious about the quality of our work. If a mistake happens, we’ll fix it quickly and professionally.

If you need reliable, expert web development or website support, please give us a call. We’ll answer right away. If you have a question before or after business hours, we’ll still get back to you as soon as possible.

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