Meet Sean | Google AdWords Expert | Michigan Web Design | Artonic
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Meet Sean, our in-house Google AdWords expert! AdWords can be confusing, especially for business owners who have little experience or training. But we have great news for you – Sean is an expert in Google AdWords, and he’s got some insider info for you.

Sean works at Artonic, a Michigan Web Design Agency where he manages Google AdWords for multiple clients.

What’s Your Education/Training/Experience in AdWords?

I worked three and a half years for Google, dealing directly with AdWords customers to optimize their accounts. During my time with Google, I became AdWords certified and received extensive training on all forms of AdWords including Search ads, Display ads, YouTube, and Product Listing ads.

What Got You Interested in AdWords?

The fact that the we live in a digital world where everyone is searching on their computers or smartphones rather than using older mediums like print to find the things they need.

What Do You Like Most About AdWords?

I really like the ability to have control of what keywords you want to trigger your ads and the ad text you display to users.

I also like the fact that AdWords provides accurate data of how your campaigns, ads, and keywords are performing.

What Frustrates You Most About AdWords?

I think ad review times could be improved.

Google AdWords has drastically reduced its time frame for ad reviews and most text ads are Approved within an hour, but some image and video ads can still take a few hours to a day before being approved.

How Would You Describe AdWords To Someone Who’s Never Heard of It Before?

I try explaining AdWords to people this way:

“You know when you do a search on Google and see ads on the top of the page? That is AdWords. AdWords is a program that allows people to create and manage those ads that you see.”

What’s a Common Mistake That You Uncover in a New AdWords Campaign?

Users that have one campaign and one ad group. Throwing everything into one campaign and ad group can lead to poor performance for an account.

With one campaign and ad group you are forced to have broad ad text, whereas creating multiple campaigns and ad groups allows you to theme keywords and ad text together for a better user experience.

AdWords can also reward tightly-themed campaigns and ad groups with better ad position and lower cost-per-clicks.

How Long Does It Take to Typically See Results in an AdWords Campaign?

AdWords accounts can generate activity the same day that they are turned on, but it can take time to see benefits from your campaigns.

Generally, you will want to run an AdWords campaign anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to determine if the activity is beneficial.

Share Some Advice with Those Who Want to Try AdWords for Their Business.

When creating your AdWords account, outline your campaigns and ad groups into themes like your website. For example, if you are a men’s clothing store, you could have separate campaigns for shirts, pants, and shoes. Your shirts campaign could have ad groups for T-shirts, collared shirts, and other shirt styles.

What Is the Best Benefit of Hiring an AdWords Account Manager?

You get someone who is an expert with Google AdWords and who can setup and optimize the account for success. This allows you to focus your time and expertise on your business.

What Is the Future of AdWords? What Do You See Happening in the Next Year?

Google is starting to implement machine learning more and more into the program.

Machine learning allows the AdWords program to use your account data and conversion information to optimize your account.

Machine learning can currently be used to adjust bids and ad content at the time of a user’s search depending on the likelihood of a user to click and engage with your website.

AdWords will continue to implement machine learning to other areas of the program.

Send your Google AdWords questions to Sean at [email protected]