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A newsletter is a short and compact publication used to disseminate information about an area of particular information to a specific audience. An e-newsletter is exactly the same as a printed newsletter except that it is done online. Growing your business by increasing revenue and referrals from your existing customers is extremely cost effective. Newsletters are a way of maintaining business relationships, a valuable asset to any business.

E-newsletters provide a number of benefits including:


E-newsletters are much cheaper to produce than their printed counterparts. According to Wilcox and Cameron, an e-newsletter costs as little as five cents while a printed newsletter will cost at least 50 cents. A newsletter production company recently estimated that e-newsletters cost 90% less than traditional newsletters.


Publishing and distributing an e-newsletter is fast compared to sending out a printed version. Time is money as the old saying goes.  An e-newsletter is not only a good way of keeping your target audience up-to-date with your activities, but also a way of saving money. In addition, an e-newsletter can quickly identify any problems with undeliverable items to your customers and make them feel that you are doing everything you can to resolve the problem.


An e-newsletter can be much more than plain text. It can contain diagrams, pictures and even moving graphics. It has been proven that graphics and pictures evoke interest and improve the ability of your audience to recall information or advertising. An e-newsletter can leverage your marketing efforts and provide an opportunity for your clients to interact with you.


In recent years spam email has become more of a problem for users.  According to Symantec, 90 percent of all email is now spam. If you want your e-newsletter to survive, it must be informative, timely, and convenient. Most readers will simply scan email to quickly check whether it is relevant to them or not, so your e-newsletter must be concise and clear. If you get it right, your e-newsletter will be a big asset. Studies have shown that many users prefer to receive e-newsletters rather than regular mail because dealing with an e-newsletter is easier and much more convenient.

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