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Call Tracking Software for Businesses: Your Marketing Plan’s Best Friend

Despite all the technology and advancements in business, phone calls have remained a key factor for entrepreneurs for decades. Whether it’s customer support or closing critical sales, your company’s phone line is a core component for growth. But what gets your phone ringing?

With so many avenues to promote your brand, it can be difficult to know what works and what doesn’t. Until you do, your marketing budget is just a shot in the dark. Your solution? Call tracking software for businesses! It takes the guesswork out of your advertising and lets you put your money where it generates the best return.

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Why You Need Call Tracking Software

Your phone number is everywhere. It’s on your home page. It’s on your Facebook page. It’s on your business listings. Your storefront, your PPC ads and your business card. When you receive a cold call, it may have come from anywhere.

Call tracking software lets your business identify the source of these calls. But that’s just the beginning! Depending on the service you use, you can learn which numbers product the most sales, which numbers have the longest calls or which of your sales people turn the best business.

This software can even save you money. When you learn which ads work best for your business, you could discover you’ve been spending hundreds or more on ads that do nothing for you. When you factor that against the cost of the software, it easily justifies the expense.

Our Recommended Call Tracking Software for Businesses

If you advertise in local publications or use pay-per-click options like Google AdWords, you may have looked for call tracking software in the past. However, there are dozens of options – where do you start? Our top two recommendations are CallRail or Grasshopper, here’s why:


When discussing the best call tracking software, it’s hard to ignore CallRail. Well-known in the industry, this intuitive software is packed with powerful features to help you sort through the most valuable information for your campaigns.


  • Robust Call Tracking for Offline and Digital Ads
  • Dynamic Number Insertion
  • Phone Call Recording
  • Automated Lead Scoring
  • Instant Setup

Pricing for CallRail starts at $30 per month and has a pro version for $130 per month. Upgrading to pro offers more phone numbers, minutes and text messages, along with some additional tracking features.


Another great solution for business phone systems, Grasshopper is a strong fit for small businesses that handle a large volume of calls. Along with its easy setup and low cost, Grasshopper offers unlimited minutes that can save you money versus options like CallRail.


  • Basic Call Tracking
  • Easy-to-Customize Extensions for Departments & Employees
  • Smartphone App Integration
  • Fast, Simple Setup

Grasshopper’s pricing starts at $24 per month for one number with three extensions. Additional plans offer more numbers and extensions, with an $89 per month plan that allows for unlimited extensions. All of Grasshopper’s plans include unlimited minutes.

Which Call Tracking Software Should You Choose?

Both CallRail and Grasshopper have their own unique benefits. The one that works best for your business depends on your needs. Fortunately, the decision can be quite simple!

For most businesses, CallRail will be the way to go. Its call tracking features are second to none. The CallRail starter package comes with 10 numbers and 500 minutes. This is typically more than enough for small businesses. The setup is more involved, especially if you want to take advantage of its advanced features. However, for savvy business owners, it’s more than worth the time investment.

If phone calls are a backbone of your business model, Grasshopper may make more sense. While its call tracking isn’t as powerful as CallRail, Grasshopper has one major benefit: unlimited minutes. This can be a lifesaver for entrepreneurs that rely on constant phone traffic to service or sell to their clients. Other services can nickel and dime you if you go over your limits, one thing you won’t have to worry about with Grasshopper.

Better Marketing Starts with Better Strategy

Call tracking software collects key data – but you still need to know how to interpret and apply that information. If you want to get a stronger return on your advertising, Artonic can help. Located in Tecumseh, Michigan, we specialize in web design and digital advertising. Learn what we can do for your business.