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11 Powerful Examples of About Us Photos for Small Businesses

Photos on your website – specifically on your About Us page – are one of the most valuable assets your business can invest in.


Photos of a company’s owner and team are some of the most viewed images on a website.

In fact, most small business owners are surprised at how much traffic their About Us page gets!

Example of small business photography for a website in Toledo, Ohio

Photos for Your Website

How long has it been since you’ve taken employee portraits? In many small businesses, employee turnover happens more than we’d like, which means you may need to reevaluate the status of your About Us page photos.

Ask yourself:

  1. Are your employees displayed on your website?
  2. Are the photos current?
  3. Are the photos professionally taken?

If you can’t answer YES! to all of the above questions, it’s time to get your employees’ photos taken.

about us photos

Our Favorite About Us Photos

We’ve compiled a list of our most favorite about us photos of small business owners and teams from the last five years below. We hope they inspire you!

3 Dudes & Dinner

This innovative online restaurant located in Tecumseh, Michigan, features two powerful individual about us photos on its website. Artonic’s photographer created images in both black and white and color; the b/w photos were used in the final version of the about us page.

Cori, a business owner in Tecumseh, Michigan, is an example of small business about us photos for a websiteExample of small business photography for a website in Tecumseh, Michigan, for About Us page


Blissfield Heating & Plumbing

Employee portraits at dawn created a gorgeous backdrop for BHP’s photography session. These photos create unity, professionalism, and a feeling of friendliness.

BlissfieldHeatingPlumbing_25 BlissfieldHeatingPlumbing_38

Carpet On Wheels

A photo of the couple who owns Carpet On Wheels in Tecumseh, Michigan, is the main about us photo on this website.


Law Offices of Charles H. Gross

Professional and approachable staff photos are featured on this Tecumseh, Michigan, lawyer’s About Us page.

RH4_1808 RH4_1793 (Chuck Pick)

Schmakel Smile Designs

Gorgeous individual portraits highlight the openness, warmth, and professionalism of this innovative dental practice in Toledo and Sylvania, Ohio.Dr. Larry SchmakelPortrait2

The group photo – featured on the dental website’s home page – remains one of our all-time favorites.


Anderson Development

about us photo example, anderson dev Potrait_2 Potrait_3 Potrait_10

Shawn Thompson, DDS


Lenawee Fuels

A large group photo in front of a tanker was the choice for Lenawee Fuels about us page. The website also features additional employee shots that are both approachable and creative.


Triple A Glass

A local glass company with international reach choose down-to-earth family portraits for its website.


Walbridge Dental

The friendly, happy atmosphere of Walbridge Dental was expertly captured in this round of photos that includes the husband and wife dental team.

Walbridge_16 Walbridge_11 Walbridge_36

Water Engineering Technologies

WET_18-55_103WET_50mm_39 WET_50mm_44

10 Stats about the Value of Photography

Thinking about purchasing professional photography for your website, but not sure it’s worth the investment? Check out our free whitepaper about the value of photography:

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