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At Artonic, your Michigan Web Design company, we closely follow all trends relating to web design.  Parallax scrolling (PS) is a web design trend that’s definitely worth looking into!

What is Parallax Scrolling?
Nike Better World was one of the first sites to start the parallax scrolling trend in web design.  This trend has taken off across the internet.  It offers innovative and eye-catching design elements, replacing the need for Flash (which is no longer supported by Adobe, smartphones, or tablets).

Parallax scrolling offers a new way to scroll through a website.  It creates the illusion of depth, much like a 2D video game, by moving foreground images faster than background images.  This technique came about through the multiplane camera technique, used in animation since the ’40’s.  It was made popular by Moon Patrol, an arcade game from 1982.

Coding Parallax Scrolling
Zach, one of our programmers at Artonic, offered his input on parallax scrolling:

How do you code a site that uses parallax scrolling?
Parallax scrolling is a very complicated process that involves heavy amounts of layers and jQuery, which is a multi-browser Javascript library that is widely used in many different websites and web applications.

Are there any special coding considerations with parallax scrolling?
There are many tutorials floating around on the internet. It is highly advised to use these as it cuts down on time spent.

Is it difficult to code PS?
Just like all coding, it is difficult at first, but becomes easier over time.

What’s your favorite example of a site that uses PS?

Super Cool Sites that Use Parallax Scrolling
Our senior designer, Ashlee, suggests looking at some of the following sites for inspiration:



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