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When it comes to marketing, what does Artonic do best for clients?

At Artonic, we’re focused on getting the best ROI for our clients, so we stay flexible in our strategies and tactics. Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and we excel at changing direction when necessary while providing maximum results that align with the client’s goals.

Angela Teeple, Artonic, Michigan. Speaks with marketing client.
Meet Angela, Marketing Manager at Artonic in Michigan

What types of goals can Artonic help a business to reach?

Business goals, sales goals, campaign goals, branding and awareness goals – we can help clients reach them all. We customize our marketing efforts for each client’s specific needs and we continuously refine our efforts based on data we gather along the way.

What are you most interested in right now, regarding marketing?

Video! We already know how impactful video can be, but I’m interested in finding that perfect marketing mix of video and other tactics to drive customer engagement and loyalty.

Angela smiles at camera.
Angela leads the digital marketing team.

Where do you see online marketing going in the next year or two?

I think we are going to see the lines blurred more and more between social media and advertising as consumers seek to know more about the companies they interact with for purchases and companies use intelligent data to give shoppers a personalized experience.

Andy and Angela at Artonic
Angela works with Andy, an SEO strategist.

What’s your best marketing advice for mid-sized businesses in Michigan and Ohio?

One of the fantastic benefits of digital marketing is that you no longer have to limit your marketing efforts locally or regionally. A well-organized global strategy will feel local, no matter where your target audience is located. For service companies that may be physically limited by geographic boundaries, own your service area by sponsoring and participating in events in the communities you serve.

How do you create a marketing campaign for a client?

It starts with communication and goals. Defining the client’s goals, expectations for the campaign, and audience, allows my team to build out a plan that has maximum impact. Then the fun begins! Creative brainstorming, design, execution, data collection & refine, refine, refine!

Angela at Artonic in snow.
On Artonic’s snowy front lawn, Angela pats snow into a ball.

What’s most challenging about digital marketing today?

Two things come to mind as challenges we’ve overcome this past year at Artonic:

First, as A.I. becomes a bigger part of search engine algorithms, SEO marketers will need to shift focus from targeted keywords to a more topical approach to get to the top of the results page. Google crawls your site to get a sense of the overall tone and scope.

Second, smaller businesses that have relied on free exposure through social media in the past will need to start budgeting for boosted organic posts or scheduled ads. It’s all pay-to-play now.

What’s the best part of your job?

There’s no experience like working in an agency. The variety of creative projects keep things exciting and unique clients introduce new challenges to solve. When you’re working with a brilliant team, like I do, everyday is a lot of fun!

Angela Teeple, Artonic, Michigan, marketing
Angela excels in customer service, organization, and campaign management.

How do you balance family time and work?

As old fashioned as it sounds, I’m a big believer in family dinners. We make an effort to sit down together every evening and connect face-to-face. Those hours are off-limits for work. Anything that needs attention can wait until the kids are in bed or I’m back in action at the office.