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Setting expectations when working with an agency


In Episode 2, Artonic employee Joe Romero and owner Matthew Harper talk about setting proper expectations for working with a web design and marketing agency.

Quotes from the Podcast

  • “We find it helpful to divide projects into smaller pieces.”
  • “If you’re doing a new concept, it takes more time at the beginning.”
  • “Information Architecture sounds complicated, but all that really means is that we look at all of the information from the user perspective and we organize it in a way that makes sense to them and also aligns with the goals you have for your website.”
  • “The bigger the building, the bigger the foundation needs to be to support that.”
  • “The time we ask of our clients is mostly on the front end of the project.  That’s when we need our clients the most.  That’s when we’re learning the most about their business.”

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