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Your Website Dream Team

Building a website for your company is a major undertaking, and you can’t trust the job to just anyone… No, you need a website dream team to take your vision digital.

Your website Dream Team is here. Matt Harper.

A professional website agency comes in many shapes and sizes. Our team is filled with experts who are passionate about the work they create. We cover all the bases of a one-stop, truly custom website agency, including developers, designers, and marketers.

People-First Approach

Our team plans, designs, and develops websites that are user-centered. User-centered is a term we use to describe design that considers people first and foremost.

When Artonic creates a website, we work from “the ground up” as we say – that means we start with nothing and create everything from scratch. We plan the website, we create a prototype of the website, then we design, develop, and launch the website. Most of the time, we also host our clients’ websites and support them going forward.

Graphic Designer

Many people think first of the Designer when they think of a website. A graphic designer creates the visual layer of a website – the website surface – so that it’s appealing and branded.

Graphic designer for a website dream team.
A graphic designer creates the surface of your website.

However, the graphic designer is actually one of the last people on our team to touch the project. The graphic design is the final layer in user-centered web design; it follows strategy, scope, structure, and prototype.

The graphic designer adds color, texture, and other visual elements to create an attractive website.


Many website teams have strategists involved early in the process. Our strategists work directly with business owners to determine a website strategy.

A website strategy is the plan behind your website – it’s what you want your website to do once it’s online. For example, if you want your website to bring in qualified leads, you’ll need to figure out exactly how you’ll do it.

joe romero website strategist
A website strategist at Artonic.

You need to plan for the future of your website early on, so you can build a website that fits your business goals and meets the needs of your users.

We have several strategists on our team, for website designs, marketing campaigns, and development projects. Each type of project or campaign is customized for your business, budget, and goals. Additionally, your strategist is available to you at all stages of the project to ensure you stay on track.


Once you’ve developed a website strategy, creating the content for your website comes next.

At Artonic, content is the heart of your website; it’s why you have a website and why people visit it. We move from strategy to content before design, because we design websites around these elements.

SEO discussion between team members at computer
Website writers create interesting content that ranks well on Google.

Your website writer works with you to develop content that people want to engage with and is optimized for Google.


You’ll find architects on most custom website design teams, although their actual titles will vary. On our team, we have two user experience designers who build prototypes of websites, apps, or software for our projects. Additionally, our strategists and marketers may also experiment with building prototypes for the experience.

Each website design project at Artonic requires a prototype, or blueprint, before it’s designed. This blueprint is your website skeleton; what lies beneath your website surface.

Matt working at his computer in office

We create prototypes so that we can be more effective in our website design process. The prototype is created around the content to increase interaction, ease of use, and enjoyment. The prototype for your website is then presented to the graphic designer.

Graphic Designer (again)

This is where the graphic designer comes in (finally). The architect sends the website blueprint to the graphic designer. The graphic designer used the wireframe as a guide to create the design.

Graphic designers work with colors, textures, and shapes.

The wireframe is like a blueprint. The wireframe has zero design elements, because the focus of the wireframe is user experience. When the designer finally gets the wireframe, she is free to create the visual aspect of the website. She does not have to worry about the content or where a button goes; her focus is on how things look.


A developer takes the graphic design and converts it into code so that the website can live online. Developers make the website work the way it’s supposed to. They ensure that the features on your website, like your contact form, function well – as separate features and as a whole.

Currently, all our web design projects are responsive, which means they work on your smartphone or tablet.

Andy working on computer at Artonic

A developer also maintains and supports a website once it’s launched online. (Our developers are also part of the Support team at Artonic.)

Marketing Team

Another piece of a website design dream team is marketing. If you create a website strategy, a marketing campaign will also need to be developed to support it.

Not all website design agencies have a full design team, development team, and marketing team, but Artonic does.

(A website has a lot of pieces, and if you want the absolute best website for your business, each piece must fit together seamlessly. That’s why we have a diverse group of experts at Artonic – so we can get each piece of your website right.)

The marketing team ensures that the website is fully optimized for search engines like Google. They also research your target audience and work with writers to produce information that’s meaningful and easy to read.

The marketing team is involved in each web design project at our agency.

Photos & Videos

Another reason Artonic is your website dream team is because our team includes a professional photographer and videographer.

Basics-of-Digital Photography by Ashlee Hill

Professional business websites usually require custom photography or videography services or both. Custom photography is one of the most powerful elements of your website design to connect with your audience and express your brand personality.

Team Dynamics

In addition to capabilities, the chemistry between the members of your website team is something to consider. The members of your website team should work well together and enjoy their work.

Many members of our team have worked together for many years (almost a decade for some of us) and we work very well together. Our team brings together a diverse group of experts, but we all share a passion for our work.

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