2016 Podcast Equipment Guide
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Podcasting is a great way to market your business, but so many people who create podcasts don’t invest in some decent equipment to ensure maximum success.

Sure you can use USB microphones, but they just simply don’t sound good, and considering the number one complaint from podcast listeners is the quality of the audio, it’s worth making the upgrade. Here are our podcast equipment recommendations:

USB Interface

  • The most favored hardware on the market is the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
  • This is what will connect the condenser microphones to your computer to generate a mp3 file.
  • Available to purchase at Guitar Center, Amazon, and eBay.
  • Retails for $150, but can be found for less sometimes, especially used on eBay.
  • Support up to 2 microphones. If you will need more than 2 mics, you will need to jump up to the Focusrite Scarlett 18i8, which supports 4 mics and costs $350.
  • This is for condenser mics that use an XLR cable.


  • Condenser mics have much better sound quality than a USB mic, which is why they are recommended.
  • Almost any condenser mic can be used, but one suggestion is the AKG P220, which cost $140 per microphone.


  • You will need headphones for each person on a recording session.
  • This is so you can properly hear what is being recorded and so you can make sure volume levels are equalized across all participants.
  • Any headphones will work.


  • You will need an XLR cable for each mic. Try to get the shortest one you can to support your needs for reasons of cost and less cable to deal with. They cost between $5 and $40, depending on length.
  • You will likely want a mic stand for each microphone. Weighted tabletop stands work well and cost about $20 each.
  • If you will ever have more than one person on an episode, you will need a splitter for your headphones. The Forusrite Scarlett 2i2 only has one input for headphones, so if you just use a splitter, then you can connect multiple sets. Typical cost is $8.
  • If your headphones have a mini 1/8 inch (aka 3.5mm) plug, as most do, you will need an adapter that converts your 1/8 plug into a 1/4 plug. Typical cost is $7.
  • Pop filters for your mics are an absolute necessity. You will need one per mic and they cost between $5 – $40. The cheaper ones work just fine, but the more expensive ones are more sanitary and easier to clean.


  • You will need some kind of software to record the audio. One affordable option is RecordPad by NCH Software. A single license costs $25.
  • You will need some kind of software to edit your podcast. Camtasia studio is a great option. The retail price on Camtasia studio is $299 for Windows or $99 for Mac. Sometimes, AppSumo will have a deal on Camtasia for 50% off. If you want something cheaper, you can use Audicity, which is free, but it’s a little harder to use. There are many, many other options for audio editing, so the answer is whatever is easiest for you that allows you to equalize volume levels (#2 complaint from podcast listeners is unbalanced audio), cut out bad sections, and add in audio clips for your intro and outro or other things.

Cost Summary

If you need help with setting up your podcast, Artonic can help!  Contact us today!