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In-House Marketing Team vs. Outsourced Experts: Who Do You Choose?!

You’re going to market your business. Obviously. Marketing is key to growth and profits. The question is, do you hire someone in-house or do you outsource your marketing to a team of experts?

Weighing Your Options: The Cost of an In-House Marketer

At first glance you may assume an in-house marketer is the ‘most affordable’ way to go, right? Not necessarily.

Internet marketers are in high demand. The field of Internet marketing, including SEO, social media management, and reputation management to name a few, is young. That means experienced, educated professionals are not easy to find. And once you do find someone, what will be the cost to hire this person?

According to, an Internet marketing specialist’s salary averages $97,000 a year.  Now add health insurance, sick days, vacation, unemployment insurance, office space, computer, and any other benefits and you can expect to pay an average of $9,000 a month for an employee at your company.

That in-house marketer doesn’t look so ‘affordable’ any more, now does she?

Weighing Your Options: The Cost of an Outsourced Expert

So, what’s the cost for an outsourced marketer? The average fee for a digital marketing company is between $100-$150 an hour, while the average marketing contract covers around 20 hours of dedicated marketing per month. This all adds up to a potential savings of over $6,500 per month.

You Like that, Don’t You? Here’s More

Outsourcing can also benefit you in ways that go beyond dollar-for-dollar comparisons. When you hire an outsourced firm, you get more than just an Internet marketer; you get an entire team of experts.

For example, Artonic’s staff includes photographers, videographers, programmers, writers, digital and print designers, user experience specialists, and social media specialists, in addition to Internet marketers who are experienced in SEO and reputation management.  Our full service team brings efficiencies to the table that can’t be matched by one or two onsite staff members, which means higher quality output in a shorter period of time.

Outsourcing your Internet marketing has additional benefits, too. With an outsourced team, you can hire them as you need them, making them a short-term addition to your workforce.  Hiring in-house has a permanent impact on your company, which can be tricky for smaller companies. With a company such as Artonic, you’re able to set a budget that won’t dramatically impact your cash flows. Plus, you’ll see the impact of your marketing efforts in a short period of time.

You will also retain the option to grow your budget organically once you’re more comfortable with the outsourced firm’s capabilities and you see the return on your investment.

So, Now What?

In the end the most important factor when making this decision is your company’s needs.  If you’re still unsure about which direction you should go, consult with a reputable marketing company.  An honest firm will take every aspect of your needs into consideration and will help you understand why you should choose one direction or another. Outsourcing doesn’t make sense in every situation, and a firm that is focused on ensuring your company’s growth should help you pick the path that is best for you.


If you want to discuss your options, contact us. We’ll meet to discuss your needs and goals, and help you make a decision as to what’s best for your company – not what’s best for ours.

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