My Website Sends Me Very Few New Business Leads
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If your website isn’t performing for you, find out why immediately. (Because there isn’t something wrong with the Internet. There’s something wrong with your website.)

Why Do You Miss Out on Leads?

Not getting those new business leads that you were expecting from your web design? Few leads coming from your website is a result of one or more things:

  • A poorly-built website
  • A website that is not designed to capture leads
  • A poorly-executed marketing campaign or no campaign at all

Identify the Problem

First, determine how much traffic you receive each month by checking your website analytics. (Don’t have analytics installed on your website? Get Google Analytics here.)

Digital marketers at ArtonicWhile studying your website’s analytics, ask yourself the following:

1. Does my website receive traffic?
2. Where is the traffic coming from?
3. How much traffic does my website receive?

No Visitors due to Website Design

If your website does not attract visitors, your website may not be correctly built. In this case, you must have a professional inspect your website to identify the problem.

Visitors, but No Leads due to Web Design

If your website attracts a decent amount of traffic, then we know your website can be found by search engines and visitors. This means people visit your website but do not convert into leads. This is usually evidence of a website that is not built to capture leads or of a poorly-executed marketing campaign.

Visitors, but No Leads due to Marketing

It’s also possible that your website is built properly, but that you do not market your website online. It is possible to have a fully-functioning and beautiful website that people don’t visit. If people don’t visit your website, consider marketing your website, specifically your website’s URL, online.


There are ways to solve this problem, including:

Responsive Web Design & UX Design

Every serious, professional business needs an online presence in 2015. A responsive website that incorporates user-centered design practices is today’s standard.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most searches begin with a search engine. A search engine categories each webpage based on a number of factors (called an algorithm). Many websites are difficult for search engines to understand and categorize, making those websites invisible online. Basic SEO can be applied to most websites for quick results.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the practice of creating helpful, relevant content for your target audience on a regular basis. Content is produced specifically for each stage in the sales process, and is delivered at the right time by the right means. Inbound marketing utilizes many digital marketing strategies including e-mail marketing and social media.


If you’re interested in discovering the cause that your website fails to attract leads, please contact Artonic:

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