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Do I Really Need a Mobile-Friendly Site?

Do you really need a mobile-friendly site? Do people actually use their phones to browse the Internet? Are mobile sites or responsive web designs just for super tech-savvy companies?

Clients ask us these questions all the time. The truth is, in today’s world, you most definitely need a mobile compatible website for your business.

Here are some stats that may help:

  • There are 4 billion mobile phones in use worldwide
  • 84% of users use their smartphones to browse the internet
  • 25% US of mobile users are mobile-only (they don’t use a desktop, laptop, or tablet)
  • One half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices
  • By 2014, more people will browse the internet on their mobile phone than they will on their desktop

The stats make it obvious: the mobile market is booming. If your business has a website, you need to ask yourself this question: “Is my site compatible with mobile phones?” If it’s not, you’ve got a problem.

Can My Customers Navigate My Business Site on their Mobile Phone?

Half of local searches are done on a mobile phone. That number is huge! If you don’t have a mobile site (or a website that’s compatible with mobile phones), you are literally ignoring 50% of people trying to find your local business online.

Your customers are accessing the internet on their smartphones and tables more than ever. If you haven’t thought about how your site looks and functions on a mobile phone, chances are you’re losing customers.

Many sites are not compatible with mobile phones and tablets. Is yours? If you have the following features on your website, it’s time to think about mobile design:

  • Flash Components
  • Lots of large images
  • Lots of text
  • Complex navigation
  • Lots of form fields
  • Small or elaborate fonts

Features of Great Mobile Site Design

Mobile sites are different than traditional websites. If you’re seriously interested in capitalizing on the growing mobile market, you need to consider the following features for your mobile site:

  • Touch-friendly navigation
  • Convert “click” into “tap”
  • File size and load time
  • Mobile specific markup tags

Want to reach the mobile market online? We can help. Artonic has the experience and knowledge to make your website compatible with smartphones, or design a mobile site that matches your online presence.

Contact Artonic today about building a mobile site for your business. We’ll answer any questions you have and show you just how easy it is to reach the huge online mobile market. Call us at 855-ARTONIC or 517-902-7851. We’re also available at [email protected] or you can contact us on our website.

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