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Chaloner’s is an exclusive cigar house located in downtown Adrian. The cigar house is an extension of Chaloner & Co., one of Michigan’s oldest operating stores. Chaloner’s contacted Artonic looking for the works: a fresh website, professional photography and video, as well as social media and blog posts. We were more than happy to help. The final result is truly amazing, thanks to the combined talents of the Artonic team and Chaloner’s Cigar House. The website has many features that makes it unique and stand out. Let’s take a look.

One of a Kind Custom Website

The Chaloner’s Cigar House website is a custom site designed by Artonic. We build all our websites from the ground up, no templates used. Template sites, or websites that provide you with concrete layouts, can be limiting to us and our clients. We believe custom websites are the best for multiple reasons.


Creating a custom website means you start with a blank canvas. You have all the creative freedom you need. If you look at the layout of Chaloner’s homepage for example, you can see the unique mix of video, text, photos, and background. This can’t be found anywhere else. Templates are widely available for everyone to use, so other businesses could be using your same template. You also have less customization. After you choose a layout, you plug in the images and text and call it a day. Building a custom site makes you stand out from your competition.


A custom website will fit your branding guidelines as well. If you have a style guide for your business already, a template may not match the look and feel you were going for. A custom website ensures a perfect match to your brand because you can build it around the guide. It can also easily grow with your business. As your business takes off, your website will too. A custom website is easily changeable and a template may not have what you are looking for.


A custom website can be designed to fit on more than one device. Because different devices have different screen sizes, the content needs to be squished and pulled to fit. Not only does it need to fit, it needs to fit well. A custom website will be consistent across all devices. What you see on a computer screen will be just as easy to navigate on a phone screen. Your website will also be tested to work on all browsers. With some template sites, the move from screen to screen may not be as smooth, and it may not work on all browsers.

Compare the two screenshots above. Notice how the navigation bar on the desktop version has been changed to a navigation button on the right of the phone screen. If the bar was kept on the phone screen, it would look crowded, and it would be harder to navigate. A drop down navigation list is much easier to use on a phone screen.


Best of all, with custom websites, the company that built it (that’s us) will be there for you. If you want something changed, whether it be content or layout, we can easily make the switch. We know the blueprint to your site better than anybody, so any problem you have, we can fix.

Written Content

Not only does the blog have a visually pleasing custom layout and graphics, it has beautifully written content as well. From page to page, you are given everything you need to know about the cigar house. The information is easy to read and understand and follows an engaging layout.

Let’s take a look at the History page of the website. Chaloner’s has quite an interesting history being one of the oldest businesses in Michigan, dating back to 1874. This rich history is an important part of their brand. It includes information about how the business was founded, the Chaloner family, “The Sign of the Turk” statue, and ownership. As you travel down the page, you can see the text is broken up with historical images and different alignments. This makes the content easier on the eyes and more interesting to read, compared to one big block of text. The images provide a visual to the story and the reader can imagine what the store was really like back then. The alignments change from center aligned to left aligned, and some are grouped side by side. This text layout allows for the readers’ eyes to move and travel across the screen, instead of just going left to right in the same pattern.


The Chaloner’s Cigar House website also includes a blog. The content can be found under the “Cigar 101” page. Artonic writes the content for these posts as well, so we have become quite the cigar experts. The articles range from cigar tips, like how to cut a cigar, to information like the most common cigar types. Posting to a blog regularly keeps customers engaged and informed. If a person is thinking about smoking cigars, this content could draw them into being a future customer. The more information the business provides to the public, the more passionate they are about what they do. It creates a better connection with your audience.

Professional Photography & Video

Artonic’s photographer and other team members traveled to Chaloner’s Cigar House for a professional photo and video shoot. Because this is a place with a lot of history, we wanted to capture it and share it with the world. The video from the shoot was made into a video banner on the home page of the website. Not only is it unique and pleasing, but it provides a sneak peak into the cigar house and pulls viewers deeper into the website.

The rest of the photos are used throughout the website, capturing the atmosphere and everything the cigar house has to offer, including drinks, the bar, customers and employees, and lounge areas. Imagine if pictures were taken on a phone, or worse, what if stock images were used? With a unique place that holds so much history, that should be illegal. The media that you post represents your brand. If you post low quality pictures, that communicates to your possible customers that you are a low-quality business. Using professional photos tells people you are top notch and care about your business. Professional photography really makes you stand out, and people connect with you more. It shows the real location, people and atmosphere. Take a look at some of Chaloner’s professional photos.

Custom Social Media Posts

We also take care of Chaloner’s social media. On the footer of each page on the website, you will see social media icons. Each month, we design new posts to share on social media, updating customers on what’s happening and getting the name out there. We use the professional photography in each post and write our own content. It’s important for your business to have a social media presence. It gives you a better connection with your audience. You can immediately share photos, information, and facts. You can also learn more about your audience. By looking at the activity on each post, you can see what people like and what they don’t like. You can also interact with them through comments and messages. Here are some social media posts that Artonic has designed for Chaloner’s.

There you have it! The Chaloner’s Cigar House website is truly one of a kind. To see the full website, visit