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AGET ManufacturingLogo Design

Project Details

AGET Manufacturing's logo has remained untouched since 1938. In 2014 AGET's new owner decided a logo refresh was in store.

The resulting custom design hovers between forest and kelly green, with sharp edges and a bold tagline.

The goal of AGET's redesign was to establish its identity and stand out from competitors in the industry. In this effort Artonic customized the font used in AGET's design, including alterations to the "A" and "G." Sharp lines wing out from the "A" to represent air and the filtering process air receives from AGET's dust collectors. The "G" is sliced along the angle of the "A" to ensure balance and increase interest.

The tagline fits snugly beneath the letters to further define AGET's value proposition to clients.

AGET Manufacturing Logo

Illustrated Mascot

The DUSTKOP, the name of AGET's most popular product and its mascot, was also in need of modernization.

The mascot was hand drawn by Artonic. Detail and shading were added to promote a feeling of professionalism and quality. The waving hand and police officer's hat tie back visually to the 1938 mascot design. In place of an open-mouthed sketch, a serious yet friendly DUSTKOP emerges.

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