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EverDry Toledo

Growing Leads & Dominating Ad Space Through Optimization

EverDry Toledo is the leading basement waterproofing and foundation repair company in northern Ohio and southeastern Michigan.

By utilizing industry specific keywords and localized geo-targeting, Artonic was able to update and optimize the existing account and increase the amount of leads generated from paid ads. Over several years of on-going keyword, ad text, and targeting optimization, leads from paid ads increased 750% over 4 years.

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Over 4 Years...

% Increase in Leads

% Increase in Conversion Rate

CTR Increase

Artonic used multiple approaches to ensure that ad impressions were limited to users who were highly likely to convert. We first focused on creating a list of industry related keywords that users searched when in the need of services offered by EverDry Toledo. This allowed us to limit irrelevant traffic and ad spend.

Artonic also focused on campaigns with defined geo-targeting, which gave us more control over the intended audience of the campaigns. In order to leverage the defined geo-targeting, Artonic created city specific ads and landing pages.

Combined, the results of this on-going PPC strategy increased conversion rate by 3,000%, from 1.37% to 42.42%.

750% Increase in Leads

By continuining to optimize the campaigns to focus on higher quality users, Artonic was able to increase leads from paid ads by 750%.

Due to the success of the campaigns, EverDry Toledo was able to implement additional PPC tactics, including remarketing and video ads.

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