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Here are some quick tips to clean up your blogs, and help you communicate effectively to your clients.

Tip #1: Short & Sweet & Easy to Scan

There are very few people who enjoy reading lengthy articles, especially online. Keep this in mind when you write. Keep the length of your blog reasonable. More importantly, keep your paragraphs concise. Look for ways to divide information so that your readers can consume it quickly.

Ways to shorten content:

  • Split up big paragraphs
  • Isolate one sentence to make a point
  • Use bullet points
  • Ensure your sentences are concise (no run-ons!)

Tip #2: Transition Gracefully

Many times when I read, I notice that transitions between thoughts are either used clumsily or not at all. Transitions are very important! Don’t confuse your readers by jumping from one idea to another with no connection between the two. Guide your reader along – provide smooth transitions between paragraphs and ideas.

How to transition well:

  • Ask yourself, “How does my first paragraph lead into my second paragraph?”
  • Read over your words and watch for abrupt jumps in topics, thoughts, or ideas
  • Be aware of how well your blog flows from beginning to ending

Tip #3: Choose Your Topic Wisely

Before you write, plan! Don’t waste your time writing a sub-par blog, because no one will read it. Instead, write about something interesting, something that people will want to read.

This can be difficult for people, especially business owners who want to convey product or service information to clients. But, this holds true across the board – if your blog is boring, you’ve failed as a writer.

Find the best topic for your blog:

  • Before you choose a topic, check to see what’s available currently
  • Instead of writing on the same topic as everyone else, look for topics that haven’t been covered
  • Make it interesting – Ask yourself, “Is someone going to read this?” If someone is interested in this topic, why would they read your article and not someone else’s?
  • Find ways to make it more visual – Check for infographics and reference them in your article (First, contact the artist and ask if you can use it)
  • Add a human element – quotes or interviews always make an article more interesting

Get Out There & Write!

I hope these quick tips help you when you blog for your business. Remember, blogging is vital and brings new customers to your website, so you need to do it. It doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead, think about what interests you and offer your opinion on it. Read over your blog before you post it, and ask yourself if it can be shortened or paragraphs broken up. Don’t regurgitate what others have already said – it’s a waste of time, unless you have a unique view point. Read your blog aloud and watch for interruptions to the flow. The goal is to create something that will be read.

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